Tia Mowry on Microwave Hacks, Weight Loss & Self-Care

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Tia Mowry on Microwave Hacks, Weight Loss & Self-Care

Sitcom icon, author, and chef Tia Mowry joins Dr. Oz in a celebrity superfan takeover – with a whole audience of twins! Mowry investigates the best no-fail recipes for your microwave, and opens up about her dramatic weight loss.

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About the Author

  • Rose Obeng says:

    Is she pregnant

  • Mose Black says:

    Is that steph from instant mom??

  • LaTanya S504 says:

    Great job Tia!!! I enjoyed on the show & also loving season 2 of “Family Reunion”😊

  • Aminah T says:

    Who cares

  • Nicole Scott says:

    Tia, this is exactly what I wanna be wearing on in my birthday this year🥰🥰🥰 Great job doing what you do sista sista 😘Dr Oz We love you

  • mizz2ts86 says:

    I love Tia😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Shirley Fretty says:

    Tia is such a lady!!!!!!

  • Joe Patten says:

    I love Dr. Oz! He’s so down to earth as a cardiologist. Even though he’s a doctor, he’s not rude like doctors I have encountered in my career.. Love Tia and Tamara. Very beautiful, ambitious women!

  • Joe Patten says:

    Who’s asking if she’s pregnant.. She just had a baby for goodness sake!###

  • Adriana R. says:

    Gunna try that breakfast sandwich 🥪 tomorrow 🤔

  • Bridgette Sellars says:

    LOVE Tia’s laugh 😍💜

  • Sunny&Warm says:

    I’m so sick of Tia and Tamara always being a victim of bullying. How old are they? Why even pay attention to people talking about their weight after pregnancies. At this point, as adults, words shouldn’t matter. Good grief!

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