This is how scientists believe coronavirus affects the body

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  • suad xo says:

    Omggg its not as big of a deAl these news are making it

  • thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid says:

    The bat bit the rat who then bit the cat who hid in the hat where the man sat who was then bit by the cat.

  • weaverspell says:

    Virus has mutated to protect itself and is now all powerful, expect the mass death phase of possibly 100 Million Worldwide by June

  • Cookie Cute as a puppy says:

    I reside in St. Louis Missouri and this morning woke up to the news that Missouri has its first confirmed case of this disease…. a 22 year old lady that was studying abroad in Italy …. All I can say as of now is May GOD be with us … πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜•

  • John Damon says:

    Ask people to take AMOXICILLIN 500mg once a day for 10 days. Its mandatory. Also ask ppl to take ambroxol hydrochloride syrup for at least 2 weeks, for the period corona virus threat remains. This is very important……Don’t forget to ask ppl to take METHYLCOBALAMIN/ MECOBALAMIN tablet twice a day for until the corona virus threat exist. These are important. Trust me. You won’t get infected or die if you follow the above.

    • Hope Rising says:

      Amoxicillin is for bacteria and will do nothing for viruses. Stop spreading false information.

    • John Damon says:

      @Hope Rising I know where you got your info. Google search. I read that too. You do not understand. Corona virus is a virus which causes respiratory syndrome which leads to pneumonia, lung disorder, turning red blood cell into white, ultimately brings death to the person. Its not the matter of bacteria or virus which does that to your body. It matters what it does to the human body. We only have this effective antibiotic called AMOXICILLIN available to protect ourselves from getting respiratory diseases, pneumonia, also METHYLCOBALAMIN to protect our blood cell from turning into white. These are the only options available to protect someone from getting infected. Cough syrup like Ambroxol will help a lot. These medicines are not for those infected. These medicine are for prevention. You have to understand. Thanks.

  • Jack0 Trades says:

    Humans ain’t supposed to be eating any kinds of meat !

  • Sulaiman from Kuwait says:

    Biological weapon

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