These Are The Precautions You Should Take to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

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These Are The Precautions You Should Take to Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

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  • Bermudagrass Central says:

    Good tips Doc👍🏾

  • kate Guhl says:

    I am getting very cautious washing my hands and I got my flu shot and I’m taking care of my body by eating right and getting to bed early

  • Danglin Fury says:

    Thanl you Doctor. No Flue shot for me as there are no regulations on what they contain.

  • Alexandria Ruby says:

    No more ✋ Hi-fives ✋ either.

  • Deb L. says:

    Elbow bump is the new fist bump… lol

  • Sharon Howard says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz

  • Freebee Williams says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz🌺

  • Yerusalem Abreha says:

    I wash my hands even before I use the toilet in public and also when I go to work and when I head home, sooo yes I’ll still continue this and take extra precautions!

  • Cristina D says:

    Before you was telling us not to take the flu vaccine….now….

  • Denise Campbell says:

    Even better than a fist bump is 🖖 Live Long & Prosper. Thanks for the run down of things we should be doing to be prepared as best we can be. 😊

  • Discharge Summary says:


  • Haki Kaki says:

    Thank you Dr Oz much appreciated

  • joanna ryan says:

    “More people die of the flu” there is a vaccination for the flu this virus has no vaccine it has a 3.8 percent death rate the flu has 0.14 this virus is deadlier than any flu because it is so contagious and

    • joanna ryan says:

      As the vaccination expert said this virus is not like flu the death rate will be more like World War Two . He then said this is the worst virus I have ever come across in twenty years it’s deadlier than Ebola Sars or Mers although the death rate for Ebola is 80 percent it’s nowhere near as contagious as covid 19 the combination of how contagious it is with the fact there is no vaccine makes it deadly. Unless countries follow Singapore in how to tackle it that is finding and self isolating people who have come into contact with people who test positive for the virus the it will spread rapidly.It attacks the lungs and makes it very difficult to breathe and people then need to be incubated whilst their immune system gets a chance to fight it to compare it to flu is laughable

  • ELizabeth says:

    Dr. Oz , Do you REALLY take the Flu Shoot ??

    Flu Shoot , Has so Much Garbage in it.

  • ELizabeth says:


  • Brian Charles says:

    The virus is airborne and survives on surfaces for up to 5 hours – here in the UK the infection rate is going up at an alarming rate even with basic hygiene and hand washing. At the rate it’s going the UK will have 80% infection within 12 months unless strict movement controls are enforced. WHO say that at the moment 80% of people that catch it get mild symptoms, 15% get more serious, and 5% are very serious with fatalities among that 5%. That’s just the numbers given by the WHO, not panic, or fake news.
    If 1 million get infected that means 800,00 get flu like illness, 150,000 are badly ill, and 50,000 need intensive care or will die…..times that by 50 and you’ll get roughly the figures for the UK in 12 months time.

  • John Damon says:

    Ask people to take AMOXICILLIN 500mg once a day for 10 days. Its mandatory. Also ask ppl to take ambroxol hydrochloride syrup for at least 2 weeks, for the period corona virus threat remains. This is very important……

  • John Damon says:

    Oh. Don’t forget to ask ppl to take METHYLCOBALAMIN/ MECOBALAMIN tablet twice a day for until the corona virus threat exist. These are important.

  • AkmaTravels says:

    stop travelling regardless of ANY reason and stop spreading the virus!

  • lkmsundastood says:

    But if the coronavirus is spread by if someone sneezes or coughs without covering their mouths can’t you still get the virus even when you take those precaution methods?

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