The White House’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Birx On Efforts To Contain The Virus

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The White House's Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Birx On Efforts To Contain The Virus

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  • Elaine Humphrey says:

    Why aren’t all essential businesses take out or curbside only? The poor employees at Home Depot, Lowe’s, grocery stores, qdoba and tubby/subway places are still allowing people in their front doors. Shameful.

    • Irma Duncan says:

      I tried to order my food online to have it delivered or to pick up at Walmart so I wouldn’t have to go in the store they would not let me pick out a lot of the items from meat and things that I need it but when I went to the store everything I had on my app list was in the store Walmart needs to let people order these things online for pick-up or delivery and we would not have to go in the store

  • ROK GTR says:

    Take hydroxychloroquine, wear a mask and stay 6 feet away from others equals a cure ?

  • Rob Pote says:

    Wear masks! Period!

  • Boo White says:

    This is the lady that lied to the country about the mask

  • goferizer says:

    The main thing to do now is getting testing mechanisms in place. Strong emphasis should be on creating faster, reliable tests.

  • tommy d u b b s says:

    I’m getting annoyed theres not a stronger push on hydroxychoroquine/zpak or mavrilimumab….we get the guidelines, the only ones not getting the guidelines are idiots….let’s go with the medical therapy, let’s go, and then cut China off and get rid of the corruption in the Democrat party, enough….this country needs to close up it’s borders and be the amazing country it is without all the other countries trying to take it down by calling it racist, ENOUGH

    • Toni Art says:

      they are giving out meds that help the ppl. They are not just sitting in the hospital dying. There are many many drugs that are helping them feel better.

    • Holly Hinkel says:

      Lupus patients who are already high risk can’t even get our plaquanil. It is horrible. I guess we don’t matter. This drug helps slow the damage to our joints and internal organs. We are already high risk for kidney failure. This virus can cause organ failure including but not limited kidney failure. We are being sacrificed for their studies on people who most likely not high risk. She has no soul.

    • 52marli says:

      Yes. This is ridiculous. It’s as if they want to extend as long as possible.

  • tommy d u b b s says:

    Kind of getting tired of this woman geeking out on the “data”, people are dying get the medicine out NOW

  • tommy d u b b s says:

    100 to 200k ppl won’t die in a month maybe inside 6 months, but this can be improved if governors and medical community hurry up, we have no time to waste, this isn’t a college class with graphs I want results and I want them now

  • Janet Airlines says:

    *get the medicine out to the people. Stop stalling*

    • Andrew Bakerstreet says:

      Janet Airlines there are certain news agency’s and government officials who are doing all they can to mute that information. I know America will not have 100k deaths. There is only 55k deaths world wide since first discovered early December. How can America get 100k-250k with mitigation and social distancing when countries like Germany and Sweden who didn’t implement steps have far less stats… im a neighboring Canadian watching your news and task force and I’m call BS and they are trying to promote more fear. It will be okay and “stay safe” 🙂

  • Danielle Vataj says:

    Why does no one just answer a direct question about things like how long or the meds? Does that not seem odd to anyone else?

    • Dee Dee says:

      That’s what the study’s are for! They need to be controlled and studied, before they know this information. That takes time!

    • vancouveride says:

      Unlike politicians and talking bobble heads, scientists are willing to to admit that there are many things that they don’t know.

    • Sandra Culter says:

      No one in this administration or the GOP answers a direct question, and they seldom tell the truth. This woman either has sold out or has an ulterior motive. She is definitely getting her face in the news. And if she doesn’t drag it out, how will we be able to admire her scarf collection?

  • Holly Hinkel says:

    I’m a lupus patient with a prescription for plaquanil and I CAN’T get it filled! Why is this? You are taking a medication that lupus patients who are high risk,need. Figure out how to make sure that the lupus and RA patients get their plaquanil in addition to providing it to people who may not even be high risk for your study. Shame on you!!! We lupus patients are in pain and now at even higher risk of death than we already are because of this!

  • Lynn says:

    wear a mask people or cover your face. the only reason they say don’t wear a mask is because they don’t have enough for everyone.

  • old dave says:

    “”we’re not classic mask wearers,””  we weren’t classic trojan wearers either until Aids made the scene.. dumb a$$

  • Andy says:

    If a scientist was drowning and you threw him a lifesaver, would he question whether it was double blind studied as effective before grabbing it?

  • Frank Edwards says:

    the more they model things the more screwed up they are

  • James Andrews says:

    Wondering if hydroxychloroquine has ever been entered in a model. I would assume they have to wait for the solidarity trial.

  • Rational Israel says:

    Birx: We need a push.

    3M: China just showed up with cash, tho.

  • BJJhairdontcare says:

    Shes amazingly smart and i really appreciate how detailed and informative she is. Definitely a source of calm amidst a storm. A hero in my opinion she is leading a war on this virus and saving lives!! God bless u Dr.

  • Dee Dee says:

    Yet, the federal government, sent aid to China. Was it about 17 tons, in February?

  • Gwen Lusane says:

    This president has not made anything “clear”…this doctor is one of the liar in chief’s enablers

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