The Weight Loss Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Diet expert and personal trainer, Jen Widerstrom, shares her recommendations for properly implementing apple cider vinegar into your daily routine.

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  • nazish hayat says:

    Use Bragg mother raw Acv

  • Maritza Rodriguez says:

    Yes, I drink it everyday with water, no shots for me! πŸ‘

  • Avacado and Greens says:

    It isn’t the ACV alone, it’s a combination of things that offer benefits of weight loss and better health.

  • Superman Steve says:

    It tastes like absolute crap but I’m going to try it for a month. Very interested to see how well this goes.

  • African Rule says:

    The proof of the benefits here is so anecdotal.

  • Airforce 3269 says:

    I’ve been doing intermittent fastening, apple cider vinegar, and better food choices daily (no keto) and lost 56 lbs in 3 months. I finally reached my goal and will continue to go strong. It takes a lot of willpower and determination, but I did it and so can anyoneπŸ’ͺ

  • Sophia Zuleta says:

    2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of honey,hot water, tea bag. I like using a fruity tea to mask the flavor like a strong hibiscus. This will make the vinegar easier to drink

  • AlyJ3 L says:

    A girl came into the ER with a torn esophagus from acid erosion from doing straight AC shots over a year. Just FYI – dilute that.

  • Kinxzy says:

    how to lose weight. Eat less and workout. There is no special secret

    • Renji Abarai says:

      True. Though is you are hormanally imbalanced its tough to get over the hunger but with ACV it gets you through that phase and eventually lose cravings, hunger, appetite as your body gets adjusted to the decreased calories and tapping into energy reserved thus becoming more efficient and lose weight in the process.

    • janityy says:

      I lost 100 lbs is definately secrets but most of u won’t find out about them becasue if u have to dig thru a lot of books and people won’t do that

      First of all I’m macrobiotic which means to stay skinny u need to get “in the zone” and no I’m not talking about ketosis I don’t do keto .

      1. I eat boiled wakame seaweed in a bowl each morning. I boil for 10 minutes than I eat u can add a teaspoon of miso if want . It acts as a natural diuretic u will have huge bowel movements, normal ones and it strips carcinogens from ure system. With ease doing this I lost my first 60 lbs. Seaweed is a complete protein and is many kinds to eat.
      2. Yes I do a 25 minute daily fast walk slight jog part of way and that it.
      3. To get “in the zone” means u have the power and u are in complete control no cravings nothing and to do this to be able to walk thru any bakery anywhere any food and not care puts u in the zone and when u are in that place u have ure pineal gland open functioning balancing between yin and yang ,Ancient Chinese secret

      So how do u do this ???????? Go into any grocery store and read the labels is 200 names for sugar read them learn them don’t eat them is poison . Now read the sodium levels now this is critical u screw this part of and u won’t succeed. I can of Campbell’s soup is like 800 mg sodium , processed food can be between 500 too 900 mg sodium that’s why u pitch it and or don’t buy it

      Extreme Yang is constrictive energy such as salt (sodium) meat , stress, anxiety
      Extreme yin is sugar , drugs, alcohol ,pot ,drugs

      The western diet is extreme yin and yang and doing a daily yo yoing between these extremes

      To get in the zone u don’t eat foods with direct salt u put a pinch in the cooking of ure food and or monitor labels so u keep it low . When u keep sodium low u won’t crave sugar which is extreme yin

      So if u are stressed and u ate salt ,both extreme yang ure body will crave sugar or possibly a beer ,extreme yin to get ure body back to balance . So when u eat salty chips and than want ice cream ,u can’t fight it becasue u aren’t In the zone ure body is just trying to make balance between these 2 energy’s

      Now , buy a journal , get extreme into hobbys . U should be so busy u for most part don’t even think about food . Buy a journal work that journal artwork whatever put tons of energy into the research and artwork of that journal whatever it might be instead of focus on dieting . If u like to do yard work do the yard work but do extreme journaling about yard work . Displace the problem . U are taking the problem being overweight and u are taking all the focus of that and putting it into a journal instead maybe 20 hours artwork for one journal . So u build up that journal instead of focusing on food !!!!

      Look I lost 100 lbs , there are secrets out there . My advice ure gonna have to dig thru many books to get those secrets . Also ask the people who did it the ones who lost 100 lbs and than write down there ideas . Use than what works for you .

      Here are some helpful dieting quotes

      1. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
      2. Yin and yang and ” In the kingdom of the blind the one eyed are kings ,the slaves shall serve” become the one eyed and food will never control u again

      Also, i stayed away from bread as well . Can use as a treat with soup once in a while but one piece only

    • E R says:

      Doesn’t work with slow metabolism dummy!

    • Lance Rose says:

      🀣🀣🀣 πŸ’― True

    • Sarah Kubz says:

      Actually not eating makes you gain weight it lowers your metabolism

  • Anshang Tacis says:

    Always use straw when drinking apple cider vinegar to avoid problem with your tooth enamel

  • Anthony Maggioncalda says:

    *DO NOT TAKE IT STRAIGHT!* It will damage your esophagus and your teeth enamel. Absolutely dilute it.

  • Thomas Lang says:

    I have type 2 diabetes. I have been taking AcV for a year and have seen my A1C drop from 9.2 to 5.8.

  • James Limborg says:

    Pour a decent amount [1 tablespoon or so] of apple cider vinegar into a glass of cold water and drink it down; Then swish your mouth with plain water and drink that down. Finished.

  • eyang7 says:

    Wtf? That lady looks no different? πŸ€”πŸ˜’

  • Kayla Gurry says:

    am i the only person that actually kinda likes the taste and smell of apple cider vinegar? πŸ˜‚

  • Archie Anderson says:

    Down 47 pounds in 3 months all thanks to the keto pills I found on

  • Kadin Berge says:

    If you need a little extra boost for your weight loss journey I can recommend without question the keto pills from

  • Ms.Shawnie Pea says:

    Looks like ACV damaged her teeth.

  • R B says:

    Ok but some of the after pictures are them @ the gym lol πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • TheParipelly says:

    My mom she’s is type 2 diabetic,how she need consume apple Cider vinegar.. how many times and how many spoons πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thank you for useful information.

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