The Urgent Call To Train More Nurses To Be Respiratory Therapists On Ventilators ASAP

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The Urgent Call To Train More Nurses To Be Respiratory Therapists On Ventilators ASAP

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  • MATT Z says:

    Recommendation please. Record the video higher. Even with the volume up it’s low. Great information thnx

  • Linda Flores says:

    dr.Oz you look tired please take care of yourself. Thank you for all this information you bring us….

  • igor O300 says:

    Can hydroxychloroquine Help to prevent use of ventilator?

  • Rupak z says:


  • Mark Yaske says:

    Dr. Oz, can the iron lungs of the 1950s be of use?

  • Asilhan ร–zkan says:

    Dont worry, Turkey has started to produce domestic ventilators recently and will be ready soon.๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ˜ท Even USA has been supporting PKK for years, dont hesitate to use Turkey’s ventilators.

  • Gaia 5D says:

    I hope everyone is learning how to boost their immune systems and naturally fight off bacteria and viruses, so they don’t get sick in the first place and can ease some of the burden on our health care system!

  • Tom says:

    amazing video keep up the amazing work

  • Tom says:

    amazing content bro

  • Quan Nguyen says:

    As a nurse myself, I love my respiratory therapists. However, at one hospital I worked at nurses gave patients their own breathing treatments, which was supposed to have be given by an RT. But working those ventilators is a different story. It’s not something that can be trained over night.

  • astacy62 says:

    So true…need a trained operator!

  • Lung and Sleep says:

    Great updates Dr Oz, thanks. Iโ€™m a respiratory specialist in Australia and enjoy you videos. Iโ€™ve made some videos on my channel which are a light hearted funny look at issues related to Coronavirus

  • Bonnie From Washington state says:

    Recently I retired from being an ICU nurse. In training we used to learn how to intubate. They stopped that. As an RN I was trained to understand how to manage ventilators. but it is experience that counts.

  • SuperMarbelle says:

    As a nurse, I know the amount of work we nurses do already. Adding the burden of a vent too, is too much. Also, I’ve talked with my daughter who went to school for 2 yrs to become a respiratory therapist. The things she knows that I don’t as well as the tests and the meaning of those tests etc. is a lot to learn, more than just how to “run” a vent. Maybe this is the only solution until there are more R.T. ‘s but only until then.

  • Jason Landers says:

    Hey Dr Oz, what’s your view on Dr Berg?

  • annie w. says:

    read an article, Singapore~really low on death and patients recovered..look into BCG shot !

  • thang trinh says:

    Dr. Oz relentless on this pandemic. Relevant topics brought to light. ๐Ÿ’ฏโค๏ธ

  • Lalo Lacinato says:

    I donโ€™t underestimate my RNs. However to everyone saying fast track RT that is so stupid. RT is not only giving breathing txs. Henry Mayo in Newhall, CA fast tracked their RNs on vents and got rid of their RTs. Patients started dying from improper vent management. Look it up.

  • buck shot says:

    I have heard that most who go on a ventilator have great difficultly coming off. Does anyone have accurate stats, especially in this virus?

  • omnia resipsaloquitor says:

    this usaf viet vet understand medical staffing very well…..I RECRUITED DOCTORS AND NURSES in chicago in the 70’s for industrial clinic medicine….THERE HAS BEEN A HORRORIFC SHORTAGE OF DOCTORS AND NURSES especially nurses since women have decided to go into business and wall street rather than helping the needy…….THE SCREAMING NEED IS now for our military medics to help at the civilian hospitals and clinics where our civilian medical staffers are going to die on the job from exhaustian……they are more useful there than the underutilized fiedl hospitals…..GET ON THE STICK PEOPLE!

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