The Underground Group Fighting Sex Slavery In America

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The Underground Group Fighting Sex Slavery In America

Dr. Oz exposes an audience member for her dirty dishwasher, and reveals the results of her dishwasher’s germ score. Did you know that you’re supposed to clean your dishwasher? A study found that 50% of people have never done so.

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  • sharpest shed tool says:

    God bless these angels on Earth.

  • jewels Therockstar says:

    Yep chris Cornell was gunna blow the whistle it celebrities n powerful ppl in USA disgusting n look what happened to him

  • Yvette Dean says:

    Thank you Tony Robbins ❤️❤️❤️ I work in a jail and there are many operations cracking down on this slavery. It’s hard to wrap my head around what humans are capable of, so evil, it’s sickening.

  • Nahid Mahmoud says:


  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    lovely content

  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    nice video

  • Alex Klatt says:

    What on earth has happened to the male of our species, originally created in God’s image???

  • steely dan says:

    The only reason the government doesn’t like it is because they are not getting any taxes off it. That’s how the government is…. EVIL 👿👿👿

  • Astrid Cifuentes says:

    I almost fainted when he said 36 girls 9-13 years old. Absolutely sad 🙁
    I can’t believe those pervert are human beings

  • XimerTracks - Sub To Me says:

    I Enjoyed this. When’s your next video? Can We be friends? =O

  • Dianna Van Zandt says:

    Yesterday a young girl was taken in my neighborhood. A man grabbed her and she is still not found. We are all praying for her return. This makes us all sick. The police are working hard to find her. This can happen anywhere. Know your neighborhood and help protect the children.

  • Narmi Ataf says:

    Can u please subtitle in English so we can understand better Thanks for this

  • thinkabout says:

    We do not want to look at this but it happens. We must stop this NOW !
    What’s up with the dishwasher explanation in the bottom read out ???

  • Gicanda Thomas says:

    Unfortunately, half the time “the Authorities” are in on it. He might just be teaching THEM how to better avoid HIM AND HIS GROUP. Sad.

  • Gicanda Thomas says:

    Unfortunately, half the time “The Authorities” are in on it. Sadly, he just might be teaching THEM how to avoid HIM AND HIS GROUP.

  • Brian Webster says:

    Amen thank you Jesus for the great work he is doing. However the reason why mankind do these Wicked thinks it’s because of our sinful nature and truly nor for the Stop we must repent and draw to Jesus and ask for forgiveness. Believe it or not God does love these people however there will be consequences for their wrong doings. However he can still forgive them if they repent and turn to God oh, that’s how graceful God is.

  • Main craft K says:

    God bless … u r the real heros

  • Leonidas says:

    Action cams look so fake, but whatever this must be done worldwide.

  • flyinglikeeaglet says:

    Dear Dr. Oz, here, this has a name! That’s MAFIA the worst part ever of the human being. How could a human abuse a little child??

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