The Trick To Improve Sleep Quality Tonight

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The Trick To Improve Sleep Quality Tonight

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  • Ferne O'Neil says:

    OK that’s all I need is Suusan snooze

  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    nice video dude

  • TheSunnyEdge says:

    Off phone an HOUR before bed?! That’s impossible.

  • Katz B says:

    Im 47 I’m used to no phone or comp at bedtime but still need music playing lol everyone I know has been told unless a family member had passed or is rushed to hospital DO NOT message or call me after 10 pm… They may want to be up for evey update or message but not me I have babies and a job that I need to be rested for 😉

  • irfan qamar irfan qamar says:


  • First Last says:

    Ohh we can pillow talk 🤦🏽‍♂️ chatty patty

  • Annie says:

    She’ll sleep even MUCH better is she removes her mobile phone from beside her bed.

  • TheRexTera says:

    Doesn’t matter. I need at least one to two hours before my brain is able to sleep. I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight since I have to be up at It’s going to be at least 36 hours before my brain can sleep again. I would have been someone in the MCU or a DC-comics character if I could sleep on command like that.

  • Holly Holy says:

    Coronavirus hasn’t even peeked yet and her husband’s all like ,”Let’s go on a cruise!” #HiddenAgenda #BoutToBeAWidower LMAO

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