The Self-Defense Elizabeth Smart Wants You To Learn

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Elizabeth Smart is launching a self-defense initiative after what happened to her on a flight to Utah last summer.

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  • Carol Benson says:

    Finally..a good show where we can learn something.

  • Nove Pirata says:

    But, what should you do if someone gropes you on a plane? Serious question.

    • Mira Fawn says:

      Scream *NO* and *HELP* !! Immediately call for Airline Staff, point at the Predator to have him restrained onboard. Once landed file an official complaint with both the Airline Security *and* the Police. When asked if you would like an FBI investigation answer “Yes”. You will both empower yourself and help other victims; If the perpetrator has done this act to you, the probability of it being before/again is high. You can put a stop to it.

    • Isaac Payne says:

      In addition to what’s been said, which is great, make them stop however you have to by whatever means necessary including striking and running. Get out and get safe.

  • Qynai says:

    The mistake she made was the first thing to do is RUN and SCREAM, second if they hold onto you you may try this, escaping that situation is the most important thing

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