The Power Of One

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The Power Of One

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  • Laura Martian says:

    God Bless them ❤️

  • Rachael Gordove says:


  • butterscotchpuddin33 says:

    What a beautiful person and vision of light at the end of a long dark tunnel

  • Dot Valen says:

    Thank you Dr Oz for your videos and we’re praying for all the Health Care workers who are risking their own lives to take care of the people who are so gravely..We appreciate them n love them for all the hard work and putting long hours at their work. God bless you and all of the Health care workers all around the world 🙏 ❤ 🙏

  • Nasir Azeem says:

    May Allah Save and Protect the Entire Humanity #Ameen
    It’s Corona Vs Humanity
    And Mankind Will Win #Inshallah

  • Amanda Young says:

    The silver lining of this pandemic, we are reminded of America’s REAL heros. The phony celebs should stay quarantined a little while longer.

  • Tonya Reddinger says:

    Please slow down the virus

  • GrowingWithLizzie Liz says:


  • jemjean100 says:

    My mother was a nurse in the early 80s. She had a patient who begged her to stay with him. He said he was dying and he was scared. Her supervisor ordered her to continue with passing meds. He died alone and that haunted her. It should have but it needs to haunt every person working in this field. I realize that they are beyond stressed and short staffed and they are fearful for themselves. I can’t begin to imagine. But these terrified people need the comfort only contact with another person can provide. Thank you to this nurse who truly feels her calling deeply. I hope she keeps safe. She is a hero of the highest order. Thank you to her from us all.

  • Randy Nachoman says:

    These videos help more than what people give them credit for. I have chills watching this. Live when we all come together for a greater good. Stay blessed and healthy everyone ❤️

  • 63 Rambler says:

    Convalescent plasma coverage please!

  • its me says:

    To everybody out there there is an amazingly huge prayer chain that is going on and it’s growing faster than this virus could ever imagine. It’s at 8 p.m. every night Eastern Standard Daylight Time (Michigan/Ohio time) we are not only praying that this virus miraculously gets lifted from our land and across the world but we are praying for everybody from the doctors and nurses to the grocery store baggers. There is no way we could go on as a civilized country without each one of these people making a conscience decision to do their jobs each and every day and sometimes every 15 minutes have to make that decision because of the stress and fear and heartbreak. Please everybody I’m begging you with all of my heart, and that this praying would go on long after this is gone.

  • Raymond De La Cruz says:

    Will they implant a microchip with the covid-19 vaccine

  • dermaine chambers says:

    someone really dislike this video? must be a demon

  • M Robles says:

    Yes. The power of one 😊

  • Alhaji Jalloh says:

    Go,Angie.You are simply amazing.The govt needs to double their wages.

  • Anne Laqueyrerie says:

    Lupus patients under Plaquenil, Hydroxychloroquine, never get sick from the virus: It is protective like against malaria.

  • PROUD FATHER says:

    WoW so powerful god bless us ❤

  • Arc Mas says:

    Wonder how hospitals are guarding themselves from liability with their healthcare workers?

  • ESTABLISHED IN 1982 says:

    This nurse knows what signing up to be a nurse really means . Unlike the other crybaby’s that hoped they check fevers all day .. she has all my respect and love…

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