The Power of Mathew Knowles Telling His Breast Cancer Story

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A male survivor of breast cancer thanks Mathew Knowles for having the courage to bring his diagnosis to media. He shares about the heightened awareness and justice that Knowles has brought to the male breast cancer community.

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  • saalu home Trichy says:

    Hello sir first like given by Hanifa bee advocate Trichy Tamilnadu south indian like your videos

  • saalu home Trichy says:

    Very useful video for all women’s sir

  • saalu home Trichy says:

    Who are all dr.oz fans please rise your hands

  • Healthy says:

    This man is very brave. It is good thing, that some more attention is give also to male breast cancer, because it also exists. Keep up the good work dr. Oz.

  • Khyra A says:

    He gain a lot weight

  • Lori Alisea says:

    Crazy it happened to man I’ve never heard of that 🙀🙀🙀

  • Melchor Kasongo says:

    If i can have something to head i hope da thing as the hands of my mum.. L.o.L because I love you..💪💪🌹✌

  • Ann Broomes says:

    It can cause of the tissue very scary checking is important

  • Adnan A says:

    Hopefully it’ll help other men

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