The Oz Family Debates The Millennial Factor Of The Virus

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The Oz Family Debates The Millennial Factor Of The Virus

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  • Hermit Hermit says:

    Millennials are in their 30s, Dr. Oz.
    Your beef is with Gen Z.

    • Caroline Lala says:

      That’s so true, and it’s a socio-economical thing as well. The working girl/prostitute in her early 20’s who was leaning on me in the store when I was getting groceries was bullying everyone with her aggressive dog. She was the typical rap, dark haired Kardashian wanna be street walker we see in the city in various areas. Those types don’t care and neither do the party people, everything is a joke to them.

  • PasadenaSue says:

    Wow, sorry Zoe, you would have never survived during WWII and the constraints that people had to live through. Oliver seems more logical, IMO. I get tired of the argument that younger people are healthier. Our entire population in the US is pretty much unhealthy!! The economy is not shut down. All my coworkers are working from home. People are buying things online and having them delivered. The economy is running at slower speeds but it is still functioning. Things will get better if we stay indoors as Oliver suggested and then we can get back to life.

  • e1826 says:

    These two young people yes they are highly educated, the young man understand and has more common sense to the situation are right now. LA

  • sonya weindling says:

    I agree with Oliver. Smart young man.

  • BD Karol says:

    Out of respect for Dr Oz I wont criticize his Daughter.. However, how long? As long as it takes. Just because you’re 30 doesn’t mean that you cant make a sacrifice (If you call it that) by not going out. WW1, WW2, And Vietnam Vets made the Ultimate sacrifice when many of them DIED for this Country, when they were young and in the prime of their lives.. Complaining about staying inside seems so selfish and such a small task .

  • Caroline Lala says:

    Everyone is out of jobs not just millennials and they need to stop over shopping in the downtown core of major cities like the one I live in, they’re more paranoid than anything or the GZ is not caring at all. The selfish solution by acting like this is the end of the world when it’s only been a month in our countries and yes, it’s bad, and the attitude of the younger woman is appalling, she’s so angry as if it’s being done to her and not everyone else. Her thinking needs to be adjusted. Take the health threat seriously and stop being a selfish git, we will all have adjustments to make financially unless you’re wealthy, like your family is, you’re not hurting at all young lady. The world is damaged because of China and they need to step it up and help not benefit. I like the son, he’s more realistic, please try to be like him, take it slowly as we’re not sure of any of this.

  • yulianachavez says:

    young people arent going to get it until it hits home for them. ones it hits home that when this will be taking seriously.

  • Camille P says:

    We also need to stop these viruses from reoccurring in China – the loss and tragedy experienced worldwide is unacceptable! If SARS, Covid_19, and other ‘flus’ continue to emerge from wet markets, we will always be at future risk. This MUST be addressed!

  • lady tink says:

    Zoe didn’t handle Time out well as a child… Guaranteed 😭

  • Diana Pervaiz says:

    You should have interviewed Gen Z generation instead.

  • Sen Chao says:

    She’s wrong.

  • Antique says:

    the Oz Dog knows Best* agree with Oliver
    Iv’e seen the disturbing images stories out of Wuhan where many chinese ppl were blaming dogs and cats for the virus and throwing them off buildings and killing them on streets
    China knew about this virus’ way before the rest of the world did, they silence whistleblowers . all the time. Corrupt and Disgusting?!

  • M Camacho says:

    Zoe is irritating!!

  • Carolyn Picken says:

    Zoe appears to be self centered and concerned about the economy and not the pandemic. So sad

  • Sherry says:

    Sorry Dr. Oz your son is smart your daughter not so much. People’s health is more important than money. If everyone got sick economy would not exist

    • s.nicky says:

      economy is important, just look at italy or other countries with full quarentine

    • Stuart Pierce says:

      People are important of course!
      But if you’re not rich you can’t live wants the point!
      I am not thirty! He my hubby might’ve forced to retire.
      This is going to bring us down if this goes on more than three months.
      Not being allowed to work. Thanks Jennifer

  • Lori Rappleye says:

    Dr. Oz, thank you for sharing your children‘s perspective , Millennials and the coronavirus. I’d like to say to Zoe – try to breathe. You seem very argumentative in your approach. You seem very afraid. It made my heart ache. These are not black and white issues. ( Sorry, That expression used to have a very different meaning ) We have not even begun to Navigate the gray areas. But the most irritating thing to me was Zoe’s ranting; Who what where and when? I would tell you if I had a crystal ball. And not one of her comments addressed what she is doing to help the cause. No offense meant but that’s what you get with social media. Everyone’s damn opinion. The bottom line for me Dr. Oz is she is very very afraid. I’m not a psychologist but very controlling as a result. I wish all of you the best.

  • Winter Slaughter says:

    Unfortunately, the window for “Millenials” is so wide that those my age 30’s and early 40’s are being lumped in with 20-something’s which makes no sense. I am 35 and literally no one my age is out on beaches and partying. Especially considering most of them are married and have children and are working professionals. They need to stop using this group as a scapegoat. These are twenty somethings. Why are those in their 30’s and 40’s being infected? Because we are the highest number of individuals in the workforce – with all of the social contact that comes with it. Enough of this mischaracterization already. There is zero similarity between someone my age (as far as daily habits/responsibilities) and a 24-year old. These demographic cohorts are fun to muse about but are really doing a disservice to truly understanding dynamics at play. A 16-yr age gap is a huge gap and these groups either need to be redone or eliminated altogether.

  • Ananya Mitra-Sanchez says:

    Oliver’s delivery is more pleasant and his tone is much more reasonable where Zoe’s is more aggressive and demanding. They had both have some valid points but instead of trying to find a solution to jumpstart the economy they should remember that we’re loosing a lot of lives here. Our focus should be on how we can control this virus and keep people healthy so that they can go back to work and then we focus on boosting up the economy. Anyways just calm down, you’re not the only one Zoe who’s worried about the economy we are all in this together and this is the time we take things one day at a time to save our people. Your dad is the famous Dr. Oz so no matter what your future will be bright ahead.

  • Terris Terris says:

    Dr. Oz…Zoe needs a Valium.😳

  • David Gil says:

    Your son doesn’t speak as much but when he’s worth listening to.

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