The New Pain Protocol With Andy Weil

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The New Pain Protocol With Andy Weil

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  • Bass Drip NCS says:

    amazingly epic

  • Traci Parisey says:

    Hummus with Tumeric.

  • KV J says:

    No regular doctor I ever met asked all these questions, nor will they.

  • desiree reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 6 minutes and 35 seconds left to live”


  • Abu Huraira says:

    Nature itself is the best physician

  • Star Rider says:

    I live in agony.. two spinal surgeries made my pain even worse.. all im on is gabapentin because of the nerves in my neck that they were supposed to lift a disc off the spinal cord and apparently they didnt the first time,three months later another so called surgeon messed me up!!but I went to another neurosurgeon and he tells me everything looks fine.
    so I get to live in agony the rest of my life which I can’t and I told him that I can’t do it anymore this is been over 10 years that I’ve lived in my bed and no life because of someone talking on their cell phone and hit the car I was in head-on and I went through the windshield but yet I’m fine the two surgeons that did the surgery were Hacks!!.. so wth am i supposed to do?
    I am so frustratedso angry and so disappointed because they promised that they would help and they just made it worse and after the surgery it was like go home and don’t come back.

    • mamaknows says:

      Star rider, pls dont give up. A friend of ours had 2 very long surgeries on his spine to relieve his pain from 4 crushed disk and 2 metal plates. 2 teams of surgeons operated on him this last surgery. One team upper back one team lower. After a yr of recovery and rehab he stands his full height of 6’1 only issue hes numb from knees down. He is very happy to deal with that instead of pain. Have family or friend help you find the right team. Prayers you get the help you need.

    • Dina says:

      I was living the same way over the past ten years. After 3 lumbar fusions and 24 epidural steroid injections, I wanted to give up. In January I had a spinal cord stimulator implant placed. It has literally saved my life! I am moving without pain. A week later I cried tears of joy just getting out of bed. I realized THAT is what it is supposed to feel like getting out of bed. No pain, no hunched over, walking like a zombie to the bathroom! Haha
      In all seriousness, I wish I was told about this device years ago. It took 10 years of multiple visits with neurosurgeon, physical and aquatic therapies, physical medicine & rehab physician, and finally a pain management doctor.
      I pray you find relief…I wasted too many years of my life doing everything I was told just for my pain to go away.

    • mamaknows says:

      @Dina God bless you happy for you to be pain free. I’m going to suggest this to another friend who’s having surgery soon. May you be pain free and enjoying your life. Blessings.

  • *Nature's Beauty* says:

    Moringa is a good painkiller, it helps arthritis, kicks the pain of fibromyalgia in the bottom and many many other benefits… I highly recommend it.

  • Suzanne Schulz says:

    What about cbd oil

  • Rachelle M says:

    🙌love DR.Weil🙌

  • Janis Wright says:

    Try the Curable App…mind/body connection and pain…

  • Cherie Smith says:

    I am a chronic pain sufferer, it’s no picnic no party, and I wish I could explain what we go through everyday. I wish I didn’t have it.

  • Captain America America says:


  • Christopher Liebler says:

    Thank God all of this Universal Pain isn’t caused by Fukushima radiation all the other massive Radioactive leaching GMOs Roundup fluoride Mercury vaccines blah blah blah why don’t you really get to the cause. I’m sorry I forgot regular TV has to deal with superficial. nevermind

  • COOKING FOR FUN اكلات متنوعة says:

    Yes turmeric is very good add it to your soups and to your green tea with a little of black pepper 👍

  • bella2019 says:

    I eat raw turmeric everyday

  • google user says:

    Kratom is natural, so is marijuana


    This is SO important..I lost BOTH of my Brothers to RX opiates… Both were on pain management..After my older Brother died, my lil Brother started to act the same way…I went to my lil Brother’s doctors many times because of overdoses and an attempted suicide…THEY DID NOTHING…all they did was RX him a higher dose..he died 24 hrs after filling his new script…I AM BEYOND DISGUSTED WITH THIS WHOLE SYSYTEM

  • Babstarr 97 says:

    I have severe degenerative arthritis from developmental dysplasia of hips…and I have found a combo of gabapentin and maloxicam have worked wonders for my long time chronic pains in both legs…soon having hip replacement. I doubt a herbal rub helping my arthritis.

  • Barbara Wright says:

    Dr. Oz I love you and everything you do please always keep up the good work

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