The Migraine Survival Guide With Whitney Cummings

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The Migraine Survival Guide With Whitney Cummings

Ever since she can remember, Whitney Cummings has suffered from debilitating migraines. As a child, the now 37-year-old comedic actress struggled to find answers and was often told that she was overreacting to her pain. But Cummings stayed proactive about finding solutions that would actually work and eventually, in her mid-20s, was able to put together a plan that could help her to combat her horrific recurring headaches.

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  • Diana Moore says:

    wtf? you cut off the video right before she tells the audience how to prevent migraines???????

  • Crystal Lorree says:

    Beautiful woman.

  • tommy basham says:

    She gives me a migraine

  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 5 minutes and 43 seconds left to live”


  • Debi Donovan says:

    Had migraines since 10yrs old & told God was punishing me for being a sinner ! Thank God I grew up ! Gluten, dairy, eggs, alcohol free & migraine free 4 years now. Also cut off 3 really bitchy sisters !!!

  • Chinchilla hats says:

    Really strange way to cut it off. I’m sure he will upload the other half later but this was kind of frustrating 😅

  • KM RC Adventure says:

    Ok that was a waste of time dr.oz haven’t you made enough money yet? To leave people hanging so you get views?

  • Girl Next Door Gela says:

    Boy, this lady couldn’t be MORE annoying and not funny

  • Stephanie Bogart says:

    Dear Dr. Oz youtube content uploader person, PLEASE stop uploading one segment and not the other!!! We shouldn’t have to wait 14 hours to see the other part of this show! What if someone has a migraine right now and is desperate for help?! Stop it!

  • Rbrt Wlkr says:

    Dr. Oz knows nothing about the coronavirus. Nothing… Nobody understands it, do not listen to him

  • Salma Khan says:

    I have migraines from 21 yrs been to several Doctors
    Nothing works
    Every single day when I wake up I have a headache every single day I pray to God and pray that I don’t have a headache

  • Salma Khan says:

    Seriously cutting the video

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