The Latest Apple Cider Vinegar Trend

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

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Dr. Oz and dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman reveal why using apple cider vinegar in your beauty regimen is good for your skin.

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  • Kayla Chandler says:

    As much as I love ingesting ACV, it didn’t work for my hormonal cystic acne… my acne didn’t clear until I balanced my hormones with diet and correcting nutritional deficiencies.

  • J says:

    Oh her… Frankenstein botox.. filler..Face …

  • wanjiru chelagat says:

    I add aloe Vera gel n tee tree oil to my mixture. Best toner I’m just glowing

  • Jeffrey Twoey says:

    Wow…the dermatologist has had some major work done. I wonder if she used the vinegar after her many surgeries!!😏

  • Tasheka Damas says:

    She wearing mAkeup

  • 截ち切る says:

    Works for losing weight too

  • Vanessa C says:

    I drink it every morning and before bed, take biotin 5000 and vitamin A after breakfast, drink water all day, cut out soda and my face has cleared completely!

  • Gina Jones says:

    Never use metal because it changes the pH balance. If you’re going to Stir It Stir It with plastic or wood

  • lou xie er says:

    Suffering acne for almost 3 years 💔

  • ᔕᗩᐯ • says:

    But apple cider vinegar smells TERRIBLE

  • AnM says:

    Dermatologist looks terrible… facial surgery went wrong

  • Abigail Haley says:

    How do i know it worked if shes wearing makeup

  • Norfolk Enchants says:

    Why on Earth would you trust a dermatologist with a face like the corpse of Zsa Zsa Gabor?

  • Tamim Shohidi says:

    You noticed?
    Dermatologist’s facial surgery went wrong 🤣

  • Loriann Graham says:

    Dermatologist should have use this instead of botox. Horrible work omg🤭😬🤔

  • Surveillexe ÈxÉ says:

    girl: *uses apple cider vinegar*

    *puts on makeup*

    girl: “as you can see guys, it really works”

  • K 9 says:

    Dermatologist with terrifying face. Weird puffed up bits.

  • Sope ily says:

    “On darker skin it seems to have an effect as well” why wouldn’t it tf😂

  • Random_ Jill says:

    Who else went to grab apple cider vinegar when they saw the title 😂😂

  • Trinity Sebro says:

    When you’ve been having apple cider vinegar and u just NOW found out🤦🏽‍♀️

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