The Latest Alzheimer’s Breakthrough

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The Latest Alzheimer's Breakthrough: Is This A Game Changer?

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  • Michelle Whitley says:

    Scary…but good information

  • Claire Shaw says:

    Lost 2 aunts to vascular dementia. Great information and praying for a cure.

  • Suzanne Schulz says:

    Love the lab set up. I see a treadmill.

  • K Channel says:

    Plant based diet is healthy overall and reduces your chances of getting diseases like Alzheimer’s

    • K Channel says:

      Captain America America I think you’re more at risk for heart disease though if you’re eating the saturated fats and cutting out fruit and whole grains 🙁 my step dad went on low carb for a few years and then had a quadruple bipass surgery last year because he was eating eggs and bacon every day for breakfast along with a ton of meat and deer meat he had hunted. I am not a fan.. also if you cut calories you will lose weight on any diet even if you only eat pop tarts all day you can eat bagels or whatever as long as your calories are lower.
      Plant based increases the number of antioxidants and nutrients and minerals your body absorbs. Along with the fibre which is like a weight loss gem! Please consider introduction to plant based way of eating

    • Captain America America says:

      @K Channel My friend was on a plant based diet and suffered a Massive heart attack. After surgery, he’s been on keto diet, mostly fats and heavy meats. And he’s now very strong and super healthy! His workouts are way better now too! He’s way stronger and healthier. I’m on keto too! I’ve never felt better!!

    • K Channel says:

      Captain America America did he not take B12?

    • Captain America America says:

      @K Channel Yes, he took nutritional yeast! Loaded with vit. 12. He took organic grass fed liver tablets too. Also has lots of B12!

    • K Channel says:

      Captain America America that’s very disturbing I didn’t know plant based could cause heart attacks. Hmmm I guess I’ll have to add more omega 3 and b12. That is scary tho

  • Yani’s World says:

    What helps with severe brain fog ? 👀🤔

  • erin corinne says:

    Doesn’t it usually skip a generation?

  • Vita Maria DeBellis says:

    The gal is from my neighborhood, Loma Linda! Keep up on this subject Dr. Oz. I’m so interested in keep this away from me and my husband, this horrible disease…

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