The Jodi Arias Case – The Latest Update On The Appeal – Part 2

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The Jodi Arias Case – The Latest Update On The Appeal – Part 2

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  • The Hustle Mastery says:

    God bless their families

  • sdidora5 says:

    She is the devil

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Nothing is more dangerous than a toxic relationship
    Because neither you can cure them nor you can let go of them

  • Catherine Freestone says:

    This chick is just crazzzzy🤯

  • Eugenia Syro says:

    How is this guy his best friend: I never heard of him until today and I have followed the entire trial.

  • Natasha White says:

    Life in prison or death.

  • M E says:

    It always boggles my how people paint this beautiful picture of someone after they’re gone.

  • Lisa Money says:

    *💋☕ Happy Thanksgiving Dr. Oz!*

  • GABRIELE EA says:

    What a dangerous murderess! 😡 😡 😡. I pray and hope for God’s Justice to prevail 🙏 and she ought to be given a slap with a death penalty ☠ ☠. She’s not going to change then and now in prison. Writing to lure more men into her trap, to help her pay for her legal fees?? She’s a danger to society, hence, it’s safer to have her locked 🔒 up in prison OR face the death ☠ ☠ penalty upon her retrial!! Oh Lord have Mercy on the family of the late Travis and justice ⚖ for him 👍 👍

  • Andi in Texas says:

    With all due respect, I don’t believe this guy was Travis’ best friend. Lots of people always felt like they were his best friend because he always made everyone feel like they were best friends, so I do believe he probably knew Travis and was a friend, but when he said that after he found out that Travis had been killed and he tried calling and left a bunch of voicemails, I knew he was lying. One of the reasons Travis’ real best friends got so worried and had someone go check on Travis was because they had been calling with no response and they couldn’t leave a voicemail because his mailbox was full. It wasn’t until after this that anyone even knew Travis was dead.

    • LulLu Bell Jingles says:

      Could have been a best friend from high school .

    • Andi in Texas says:

      @LulLu Bell Jingles That’s possible. I do believe they were close friends possibly best friends in high school, but the guy did lie about leaving voicemails for days after Travis was killed. It wasn’t possible because the mailbox was full before anyone knew he was even dead and nobody was able to leave voicemails.

  • Jessica Jones says:

    Travis wanted someone all the way LDS so he could still live a double life and cheat on her.

  • Keeping up with Jenny says:

    Stop bringing up this devil let her rot

  • ilesos says:

    The only thing worse than Jesus in the americas is Mormon Jesus. European religions are the bane to sacred people and the land.

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