The Jeffrey Epstein Accuser and The Story You Never Heard – Part 1

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The Jeffrey Epstein Accuser and The Story You Never Heard – Part 1

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  • rokigold says:

    My heart goes out to all of them. Just listening to this story just infuriates me.But Lisa bloom has tainted this for me

  • charleen hopkins says:

    this is why even other woman can be unsafe

  • charleen hopkins says:

    it took 12 yrs to get over

  • Joshua Sasfire says:

    This video is shadow banned!

  • Joshua Sasfire says:

    How dare you have Lisa bloom on your show!

  • Annie says:

    Epstein DID NOT kill HIMSELF! He was silenced by those he’d held ransom with the filth that he had on them. See SHAUN ATTWOOD’s Epstein series on his channel.

  • Gwen Frazier says:

    Wow! So very strong. 💕

  • IdG says:

    Amazing testimonial from Kiki. Courage beyond belief. 👏🏽

    Cringed HARD when I heard the attorney say Epstein killed himself. 👎🏽

  • Olivia Emerson says:

    Jeffree Epstein looks like the Grinch and that’s an insult to the grinch

  • Olivia Emerson says:

    Kiki is very brave for coming forward, people who haven’t been through this type of betrayal may not understand how incredibly hard it is to go public with something like this. Being sexually violated can really mess someone up for a really long time and it’s takes years to recover. Sending her so much love

  • Mundo Desconhecido says:

    This Lisa Bloom has no shame? After what she did with Weinstein…these poor women, hope they get whatever justice they can 🙁

  • marlene g says:

    Lisa Bloom represented Harvey Weinstein and participated intimidation campaigns against his victims

  • Abu Dina says:

    Genuine question, if she was 19 at the time isn’t she considered an adult?

    I’m not questioning the rights and wrongs of this… think it’s a given for most decent people. Don’t flame!

    With regards to her being asked about having a choice. I think you could say she did but the point is once that door was shut she was trapped. These are rich powerful people. What can a young 19 year old say or do at this stage?!

  • Shaynel Ahmed says:

    This is strange, yes, she was lured to him…but had he “assisted” her career, would she have complained? She knew this was a casting couch situation…

  • Descendant Travels says:

    Really, over 18 took hundreds of dollars to give massages to a creep and didn’t think something was off. I hope she used those 100’s for something worthwhile.


    She was young I get that. She took a year break from modeling?? She is just starting life. A break. From what ? I guess she was thinking he could kick start a career. But I think she was thinking more what he could provide her $$$$ wise and further a career than putting her safety first. She was over her head right from the beginning. Not thinking at all. Now looking back she’s not going to let him get away from what he did. Revenge, I get it. It is disgusting what kind of parasyte this so called man was.
    Todays time even 15 years ago its no secret of these situations/ sex slaves and trafficking.
    Unless you are living under a rock.many women take too many chances thinking it could never happen to them. The Rich and Powerful are discussing they have and expect everything at their finger tips.
    It’s a Sad Life to me. Its good to be humble and living modestly.

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