The Hair Treatments and Products You Shouldn’t Be Using

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Dr. Oz and Nikki Walton investigate hair treatments and products that brought women to the E.R.

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  • Abu Huraira says:

    A woman who cuts her hairs
    Is about to change her life

  • ደማም Taye says:


  • Cokechiq says:

    I’m very wary on this kind of advice from this show now. They did a ridiculous hatchet job on the nail community the other day with a “specialist” who had no real understanding of nail products & application techniques. Definitely have lost faith. And this one? Wow. No one applies relaxer, color, or Japanese thermal straightener with a comb. They’re spreading fear like an infomercial feigns incompetence.

  • Effort Brings Change says:

    There are so many women that deal with this issue, but there are definitely ways to combat it.Thanks for another great video Dr. Oz. ✌️

  • SUGAR XYLER !!! says:

    😄😄 I have long hair of my own

  • Alex Klatt says:

    Ringlets are so lovely! Seems we all want what we don’t have. Why not appreciate what we do have & celebrate that?!

  • Adnan A says:

    I just use basic head and shoulders

  • Lori Alisea says:

    That lady in the thumb nail already had over processed hair


  • Sherene Mcfarlane says:

    That white girl, used a relaxer for her hair, of course it fell out. Relaxers are too strong for white hair.
    I saw her video. Plus her hair was dyed too.
    Why do they used these YouTube stories, that only told the side they want you to see.
    This isn’t the Truth Dr. OZ.

  • Helen Asore says:

    We use butter on our hair in Ethiopia, but I have never heard or seen anyone use clarified butter. Clarified butter is used for eating or cooking.

  • UndergroundMakeup says:

    Get to the ROOT of the problem. Was this intended? Genius

  • Healthy Things says:

    Thanks for the great tips Dr. Oz 🙂

  • Kitchen Cooking says:

    If the hair is curly, it is for a reason. Trust me, the way you are… You are beautiful. 🙂

  • Kavi Shinde says:

    Loved the home receip advice for hair!!
    The first white woman shouldn’t had her back faced to the black woman while speaking to Dr. Oz, it looked like bad manners…she could have given equal attentive Ness to both i.e Dr.Oz n the black hair special IST like the end black woman did

  • sara varsanov says:


  • pacha 79 says:

    Thanks for bringing awareness to the human hair issue. People from developing countries shouldn’t be exploited so others can fulfill their desires.

  • Ishraq Ghalghai says:

    wear hijab save your soul 💕

  • الحياة امل says:

    ارجوك نريد ترجمه بالعربيه

  • Mich says:

    Ive been a male dr trying to garnish a baby from a c section besides the relevant life that should procure 3 to 4 babies from too many open surgeries. Use small handed females or other doctors besides the bigger of a baby is shoulder to shoulder. Just ask which procedure from epidurals the want to provoke besides of themselves pushing anyway. to take sweet virginity of suffrage from godly penatance of push yourself. Ew obgyn dr G please do dont sow her up.

  • Atte Wube says:

    I am Ethiopian, and use every week the butter ,but instead of the kind she said , we use heavy whipped cream blend it with little water ,then you get the butter . Which is much healthier, and smells better .

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