The Do’s And Don’ts Of Disinfecting Your Home

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Disinfecting Your Home

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  • RonkeStation says:

    We AIN’T GOT NO BLEACH BECAUSE OF THE CRAZY PANIC PEOPLE. And yes I said ain’t. We don’t have any kind of disinfectant because of these wicked and selfish people.

    • Karen O says:

      You can probably still order Pine Sol.

    • Jane Polewchak says:

      @lacreasiasmith07 do you have Windex? The regular kind has ammonia and will kill 99 percent viruses. What about Comet with bleach? You have to rinse well, but leave it there a while, it will work.

    • Jane Polewchak says:

      @GracieGirl7 if you use hydrogen peroxide, you have to leave it for 10 minutes. Hope that you can find peroxide– It was very hard to find. The vultures grabbed that also. In the meantime doctors and nurses are getting sick because they don’t have disinfectants and equipment that they need.

    • N M says:

      I say ain’t as well!! Stores here have no bleach much less Alcohol definitely no paper towels. My family is trying our best to do our part. We are social distancing. Trying not to do a bunch of hugging or touching each other. I saw in the other comments to go online and buy. Yes u kinda can. But it’s butts buying everything and then going online to sell it. There’s not much online. I did find some Lysol all Purpose cleaner that runs about 3.86 or so in the stores. Online for 10.00. Then the virus can live on the stuff ur buying online. My prayers to all.

    • michelleprieur1 says:

      @Opia Spicer A bottle or two is fine. Ten is not. A few weeks ago when all this started, I saw people with two damn carts full at a time leaving the stores. In the blink of an eye the shelves were empty.

  • Bella S says:

    Kitchen,bathroom,living room,car with one cloth come on guys

  • 7 6 says:

    Dr. Bronner’s almond scented soap, awww yeah

  • iamthenra1968 says:

    How about the remote control? TV buttons, keyboards, Cell phone, land line phone, tablets…

  • Sacred Angels says:

    That means we have to sanitize all of our grocery and our shoes and even the clothes that we have on.

    • Ayana Williams says:

      Sacred Angels wipe down packaging/throw out the bags, don’t bring shoes in the house/leave them at the door, put your outside clothes in the hamper immediately. hamper should be in laundry room and not your bedroom.

    • cc Yes or No cc says:

      spray shoes with disinfectant before leaving the house especially its sole then before getting inside the house, remove, clean and sanitize again …

      treat your house as clean – leave “ dirty” ( stuff that you brought outside) outside and put in a separate plastic bag before getting in … inconvenient but what is a hassle when you are protecting your health and your family ? .. it’s a sacrifice but worth not to contract anything from outside. 🙏🏻

    • Tina Ferrier says:

      I put a decontamination line right by the front door. Sanitize hands, purchases, throw out bags, spray down shoes and clothes, remove shoes and clothes in hamper. Go to bathroom. Shower and wash hands. Put on clean clothes

    • Quigeeboh says:

      Leave shoes outside if you can. Upon entering home, change clothes immediately. Throw outside clothes into washer. Yes to groceries. Awesome new video by a Dr on how to sanitize your groceries: Look up PSA Grocery Sanitizing Dr Van something. 10M views.

    • triumphmanful says:

      i bought spray can disinfectant months ago, before all of this chaos ! I have been spraying many places for good sanitary habits anyway. Now I use it much more. One dollar a can was a steal ! It sprays a fine mist . Of course there is no more at the buck store !!!!!

  • Mz RAM says:

    Check check 💯 don’t forget coffee pot remotes

  • camelshit says:

    And when washing your hands, be sure to give the handle of the faucet a scrub with soap too.
    If not you’ll just dirty your hands again when turning the water off.
    It’s surprising, how a lot of folks don’t seem to think of the fact that they grabbed the same handle with a dirty hand.

  • Kosal Yous says:

    He forgot the counter top,tables and remote control

  • Gadzooks Hardy says:

    No put bleach water in squirt bottle it’s easier

  • Barbara Duff says:

    Wipe your toilet areas with tissues after spraying with Lysol and flush after….never a cloth!Yuk!

  • alma galindo says:

    Another thing is the keys I been cleaning my keys.

  • **Pixie** 7 says:

    Good old fashioned non toxic vinegar and water!!!!

  • Linda Hoffman says:

    Dude what about brake release, gear shift, bags kitchen sink and the thing that comes out. Hand rails .

  • Un día con Ann vlogs says:

    When you go shopping, wash your fruits and veggies, everything you buy disinfect

    • Annette Van Der Merwe says:

      Do you just use plain water for your veggies? Or what do you use to disinfect them?

    • Tiredofdumbfuks says:

      That’s why I bought for a couple months a few weeks ago… If you don’t have a mask and goggles and perhaps a gown too, I would get my groceries delivered instead. Virus can stay in the air for a while, If you drive with somebody beside you open the windows and hold your breath for a few seconds If they sneeze or cough.

    • Tiredofdumbfuks says:

      @becksta29 Masks sold out almost everywhere.

    • Gutchie Spencer says:

      Tiredofdumbfuks Please be careful buying masks online some folks are recycling them to make money, if it’s not sealed don’t but it….

    • TheLauraVuitton says:

      Annette Van Der Merwe If it has skin, I use the same concept as washing our hands – soap and water first. Then soak everything in baking soda for 20 minutes… That’s just what I’ve always done… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Airm Sylenam says:

    I saw my neighbors who never clean houses cleaning houses today. 🤣🤣🤣

  • david young says:

    It’s going crazy man, disinfecting everything, your whole life will revolve around disinfecting everything, sit in the chair, disinfect first, get out of the chair, i better disinfect it, my shoes, i better disinfect em, my bed, i better disinfect it. I agree in being clean, but it’s just gone crazy!!

    • Gloria Tafoya says:

      I’m extremely clean and I even think this is too much! Don’t we need some germs to build immunity.🤷‍♀️

    • Holly Kurmis says:

      Well, if you make it through this alive and without having respiratory damage, then you’ll have appreciated this year’s efforts. You’ll never look back and be upset that you did all of this sanitizing.

    • Holly Kurmis says:

      @Gloria Tafoya this is not about all germs. This is about a killer virus that is overwhelming our healthcare system. Kill covid19 now.

    • Amazing Andrea says:

      1300 US deaths today. Check back in tomorrow. THAT is crazy.

    • Gutchie Spencer says:

      david young Yeah! It’s rough…..I treat packages like I’m disarming explosives, I no longer eat fresh fruits/veggies as I no longer shop outside and deliver services for fresh stuff are unavailable in my area, so I drink a lot of tea to make up for nutritional support. Some days I just say to hell with it and don’t even bother to eat ….It’s a Major challenge, but I plan to be one of the LAST man standing so I’ve got to take the challenge and win.

  • Sonia Mendez says:

    Why is he using the same rag for the whole house😳😫

  • bigdap100 says:

    Cell Phones

    cut and wash underneath when washing hands.

    Don’t touch your face

    Use alcohol and peroxide

    Buy more soap than sanitizer

  • Miss Africa says:

    How about spraying the soles of shoes before getting in the house, or dip them into some disinfectant..

    • Holly Kurmis says:

      It lives on top of shoes also. On laces, fabrics, leather, etc. Just skip bringing in your footwear. Take your socks off too, before you truck around the house. Wipe down any areas that you think your footwear or socks touched. Take extreme measures as we are in a pandemic. We will never look back and regret our hard work and efforts

  • Alice Gibson says:

    The lever arm handle on the side of the recliner.

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