The Do’s And Don’ts Of Disinfecting Your Car

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Disinfecting Your Car

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  • Tim says:

    cool video keep up the good content

  • Kate.C says:

    The Aliens 👽 are here to wipe out the human race with a super Virus.

  • Idylchatter says:

    Thumb should have been a car on fire. 😎

  • Awareness Network says:

    Wow, 4 hours on money. So it’s almost as if as long as people are still exchanging currency, the virus will spread despite the lockdown of society! Maybe medicine is the only cure?? Maybe then we should stop locking down society??

    • Ur2ez4me81 says:

      Awareness Network After the first peak of this virus they will but they have too do everything they can to stop hospitals from being completely overwhelmed.

  • Vanessa Corral says:

    So cute!

  • Anwar al amin says:

    Hello. Am waiting this to you from Dubai. As of now more than 100k people have been recovered from coronavirus could you please put some light on this ? How this recovery happens ? was that hyroxychloroquine or something else? No one putting any spot light on this? People are talking about deaths only?? Thanks

  • Mark Gitschel says:

    I use plain ol Lysol spray !

  • Linda Lai says:

    Dr. Oz needs to get off youtube

  • Just Suzie says:

    I been doing this for decades. I keep alcohol and spray sanitizer In my trunk.

  • Vox Clamantis says:

    I’m using bleach with some soap and water in a small jug and rags I carry with me. It’s important to clean the rag after you wipe stuff down with it.

  • Ur2ez4me81 says:

    Question anyone else order stuff off of Amazon lately? I ordered a game last week $ they keep sending me random items that I didn’t order in the mail. Getting paranoid that they sending me corona virus laced packages from China or some crap.

  • Gina Hewitt says:

    So now it’s time to spray cities and clean stores like China.

  • Christian Boring says:

    Stores are out of lysol. So I use squirt bottle of water and bleach to wipe eveeything

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