The Debate Over Masks : Should You Be Wearing Face Coverings In Public?

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The Debate Over Masks : Should You Be Wearing Face Coverings In Public?

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  • Michelle Tecklenburg says:

    I can’t believe anyone would trust W.H.O. it’s the same people who are trying to poison us!

  • Kimberly Lay says:

    I disagree with the surgeon general. If doctors and nurses need to wear them, so should anyone who goes out into the public. Germs can be anywhere and anyone can contract it. There’s not enough to go around. Just tell the truth. Don’t tell us not to wear one.

    • Suzanne Roberts says:

      Kimberly Lay . Healthcare workers get closer to the sick person.

    • Kimberly Lay says:

      Almighty stinky stinky ….True, and we all appreciate them greatly. Point is, the WHO should not tell civilians that masks doesn’t help much. That’s false information.

    • Boo White says:

      I’m wearing a mask. Suite yourself. Right now it’s survival of the fittest.

    • Vanessa Lennox says:

      Kimberly Lay Exactly

    • deenycest10710 says:

      Trusting the WHO is the same as trusting China. DON’T DO IT. Please read with comprehension. Take it to heart and arm yourselves with the confidence that accurate knowledge provides. It may save your life.

      As far as masks they are effective. Wear a mask. Don’t touch your face or front of the mask after you put it on. Take it off holding it by the elastic bands or ties. Dispose properly to not expose others to the potentially virus containing mask (that’s why never touch the front of the mask).

      CDC etc. are trying to confuse you with lies and terms like “source control.” Also remember their information is rated for direct contact patient care in a hospital/health care setting. If you are just walking to the pharmacy respi droplets that you encounter indoors should be far less infectious if there is adequate ventillation (breaks up and or minimizes infectious viral load) in the pharmacy/grocery store, social distancing is adhered to (proximity to potential droplets from infected / asymptomatic individuals) and people who are infected are wearing masks (asymptomatic is a HUGE issue here). But trusting asymptomatic carriers to wear masks when many haven’t even heard or understand the term ASYMPTOMATIC is a major error of judgement. Therefore wearing a mask in the aforementioned enviornments is not 100% effective, but neither is a N95 mask.

      The 95 in N95 stands for 95 percent filtration. Guess what? Surgical masks filter 90%, just 5% less than N95 masks. Bet you didn’t know that. No problem. That’s why don’t completely trust the guidelines. Yes they are trying to prevent hoarding. I get it. But lying to prevent that and putting people at risk is also not the right response.

      Additionally and more importantly for you to understand is this virus itself, it’s size is .15 to .3 microns. HOWEVER the virus is RNA based and is not itself MOTILE (it can’t move). Covid19 needs to bind to respiratory secretions of it’s host and rely on the host shedding by coughing, spitting, sneezing or even just talking in proximity to a person or that bag of chips in the grocery store that you than pick up and place into your shopping cart, hence respiratory droplets is believed by ALL professionals as the main mode of transmission.

      GUESS what? Respiratory droplets are usually larger than 5 microns. Why is that information important? Because surgical masks are rated to filter particulates as small as 5 microns. In short. Weak a surgical mask. Don’t hoard them. One mask is good for 8 hrs. After that your own secretions reduces it’s efficacy down to about 50%.

      Once again vector or mode of transmisssion is either by cough (this is where masks can reduce how much you inhale of that cough or prevent that spread if you cough) if you happen to be in proximity (3ft to now 6ft or less) or via the droplets that fell to the enviornment (hence the recommendation for sanitizing every time you touch something out in public, and washing hands when you get home, unpack items picked up outside even your cellphone, keys, everything etc., seriously wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and make sure there is plenty of lather while getting under your fingernails, in between your fingers and the back of your hands.

      False sense of security is correct. True. But it’s simple. Proper application of a surgical mask will reduce respiratory droplets inhaled and or spread in danger zones which is likely anywhere somone recently sneezed or coughed indoors and or poorly ventilated places. Outdoors isn’t much of a problem as there is air circulation dispersing the droplets and rendering them far far less infectious.

  • brianna reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 12 minutes and 9 seconds left to live”


  • Louie Cypher says:

    But you guys are saying when an infected person sneezes the droplets turn into more of an aerosol and can hover for hours. Then yesterday I heard doctors say to stand 27 feet from each other now. Plus, if nurses and doctors are using them why not us? We don’t have any piece of mind here except for masks. We as a powerful country that can make weapons at this crazy rate why are we struggling to make MASKS??! We sound like a third world country and not USA.

  • Jane Dunlap says:

    Thanks Dr Oz. Finally someone w an honest answer. Wearing a mask when I go to the store

  • mtregi says:

    The fact is that no one knows if they are carrying the virus without getting tested. Until 100% of the population gets tested or an effective vaccine is produced, ill keep wearing my mask whenever I have to go out.

  • Rusty says:

    Maybe healthcare workers and front line workers would need less masks if the general public wore more masks, oh and If i touch my face by accident my mask will shield my mouth and nose

  • Andy says:

    It’s like telling a soldier body armor won’t protect them because they could still get shot in the head.

  • eloforever says:

    The way I see it is ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. I also see the Asian countries wearing masks out in public nearly 100% of the time. They’ve dealt with these virus epidemics enough times that if they consider everyone to be wearing masks while out in public to be vital in helping to prevent the virus from spreading, then it’s probably a good idea for me to be wearing a mask while out in public. I do believe it benefits us all and hopefully will reduce the spread of the virus sooner than later.

  • Julie Bogner says:

    I don’t care what he says, I’m wearing a mask! I’m hyper aware of not touching my face! I don’t trust ANYONE right now, especially the W.H.O.

    • Irma Duncan says:

      I will keep wearing my mask I’m not listening to that one minute you say where the masks now they don’t want us to, I will continue to keep wearing my mask.

  • M White says:

    🗣️ We need “Source Control”!!

  • Knightfall182 says:

    So much useless filler….. get to the damn point.

  • Cali Girl says:

    Everyone should be wearing a mask right now when you go out to do your shopping. If you don’t have one they can be easily made… especially by people that have a sewing machine and know how to sew!

  • Robert Simpson says:

    Be honest there was a failure to stockpile masks,so we don t have enough for everybody….once again failure of our leaders puts us at risk…Look at S Korea masks everywhere…..they are the gold standard and the US is getting hit the hardest.Support your health care workers and demand masks for all

  • Laz Arus says:

    This is nonsense. A regular fabric mask reduces infection up to 50%. That is better than nothing. The CDC is trying to prevent people from buying all the masks due to shortage of supply. The simple answer is yes a mask will help and everyone should be wearing one.

  • Dawns Delights Art says:

    I have asthma and have a mask I wear during allergy season, when I clean, and outside during peak pollution times. I think they’re trying to keep the same hoarding that happened with toilet paper.

  • Chanpho Ieng says:

    All of you, medical expertises, keep debating for te next hundred years. My sense is crystal clear, I have to put mask and gloves on when I go out.

  • Hayato JP says:

    just speaking alone spit out a lot of saliva

    if we can reduce the rate of infection just wearing masks then we should wear them

  • DeadEars Green says:

    Mask factory will make n95 masks everyday and will over stock which we all can have one!!!

  • Aaron P. says:

    60% of people in Atl are masking up. People dont believe the no mask line.

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