The Critical Guide To Recognizing The First Symptoms Of Coronavirus

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The Critical Guide To Recognizing The First Symptoms Of Coronavirus

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  • Zineb LAMHINE says:


  • Ideoform Sun says:

    Take zinc, 40mg. Don’t take too much, it can make you sick at higher doses.
    Also, vitamin C
    Vitamin D3 or lots of direct sunlight on your skin.
    Stay calm. Carry on.

  • Princessa Lucia says:

    Great public airing to totally scare everyone unnecessarily. This didn’t help one bit, but only causes more hoarding and fright.

    • Wendy Sybers says:

      Princessa Lucia listen to dr drew on the virus. He is very level headed. Don’t panic. Why can’t we go on a walk as long as we social distant.

  • Beth Cuevas says:

    Dr Oz what do you think about people making homemade face masks? Is there a pattern you recommend?

  • Kate G says:

    I can’t wait til summer

  • Lost Cause says:

    You can’t get tested for Covid19. But every sports team seems to have it available for testing their players. Everyone really needs to be tested period.

  • JR Pacer says:

    People if you are sick consider it is
    the virus…..

  • Nala-Flor croxall/Erickson says:

    Dr. Oz I had chest pain, dizinees , severe fatigue, nausea, a cough that comes and goes. at this tiem in my state arizona they have not been able to test us due to not having fever, we have not place in isolation either. this is hw bad it is.

  • Curtistine Miller says:

    First Symptons of COV19::High Fever(usually above 100.degrees,Dry Cough,Fatigue, (You need a C0V19 test ,)…..

  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 9 minutes and 28 seconds left to live”


  • Vee Plopez says:

    The people that need to go out there or a worker like me that works retail at a store that is the only one still open at malls! Smh but realizing how much more valuable money is to this family than human life.

  • Ozdemir Salih says:

    That was so nice to hear “Merhaba, Nasilsin ? ” 🙂

  • Gary Lee says:

    The smell of BS is quite strong.

  • robert curatolo says:

    2:22…Okay this Doctor has got a boil next to his eyeball are you sure this guy is qualified …lol

  • AnnInTheMitt says:

    Global governments need to work together to figure out how to contain the next viral pandemic. It’s vital that the brutal cruel barbaric live animal wet markets be closed down around the world. Next, demand complete transparency from every country.

  • Clara Elaine Glass says:

    Now there you go you’re sitting like within 3 feet of each other what happened to the distancing.

  • Clara Elaine Glass says:

    I’ve heard so many different versions fever is one dry cough. I haven’t heard about the fatigue but certainly that could Come with a high fever. But a runny nose I’ve heard that most people don’t get a runny nose so the lady could’ve had a combination maybe it’s a little sinus and do you happen to get the covid19 too

  • Vanilla Armstrong says:

    Is it me or people that have been telling us they have it act really happy 😁

    Sitting so close they might as well tongue it out 👅👅🤦😂😂

  • Rodger SS says:

    If out in the country can you take a walk and be safe or is there a danger even when not around someone?

  • Ronald Moore says:

    When and how long is a person contagious

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