The COVID-19 Treatment Controversy: Interview with the Expert Who Believes He Has a Treatment

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  • Mermaid With A Broken Tail says:

    Coronavirus ….don’t touch your face
    Doctor….I’ll touch my face the whole way through the interview πŸ™„

  • Nani S says:

    Yep! Stay home and Pray….Pray….Pray! Let us all stay calm don’t panic and send, Love…Love…Love and Light to the entire world,. Take care of our Mother Earth. The only planet we know and live on!
    Bless you Dr Oz for funding this study for a possible cure for this virus! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

  • Mermaid With A Broken Tail says:

    Well done Dr Oz for the funding

  • Dana Maupin says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz for funding this.

  • Tim Halcomb says:

    Thank you dr. Oz for sharing this you have a blessed day

  • Sara 97mylife says:

    Pray for italy guys we are in panic πŸ˜₯

  • Cubs City says:

    Basically they’re going to tax us for breathing. #CostOfLiving

  • infinatenik says:

    This drug had really good results when used with zinc it is a carrier it takes zinc in the cells and zinc stops the coronavirus from replicating watch Dr Berg’s video on zinc.

    • skellington says:

      @Natural Revolution Maybe your ability to understand information is weak, but Dr Berg (quack or not, I have no opinion on that) said zinc WITH chloroquine may be effective against COVID. Also, zinc in general may be a general immune system booster, which your link points out. Chloroquine with Remdesivir might be better, Chloroquine with Azithromycin might be better yet. Nobody is sure yet which is why more clinical trials are necessary.

    • Sony B says:

      Dr. Berg, a knowledgable chiropractor, understands full-body nutrition and the body better than your typical Big Pharma-trained MD. If you want a cure, see a chiropractor, a holistic MD, or ND. If you want a lab-formulated pill that comes a host of side effects and might shorten your life expectancy, go to your conventional MD. He/She will make sure you get a medicine so that his/her take home pay is bigger.

    • Neil Bird says:

      Del Bigtree unearthed it first before Trump! Watch his video he put out weeks ago.

    • Lance G says:

      @Natural Revolution It’s already being used off label, and with incred results. Is this guy a quack?

  • Deon Go healthy says:

    Prayers for everyone…everybody be safe, be bless.God bless America.

  • Blanca Ramon Ramon says:

    God is good we will get thru this πŸ™πŸ™ trust in the Lord with all your ❀️ heart…all we can do is pray

  • Aubrey Woe says:

    Medcram did a video on this topic.

  • cmltoe100 says:

    Thank you for trying hard to be part of the cure and not the fear

  • SARA SARA says:

    Sorry dr oz
    We are not as fortunate as you and the celebrity’s to stay home
    We have to go work to make a living
    Who haven’t closed their business’s

  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: β€œyou have 8 minutes and 21 seconds left to live”


  • Joe Sutphin says:

    Since neither drug will cause any significant side effects, start trying on patients who have tested positive. Give them the option to say yes or no and see how it works!

  • jeff gilmour says:

    That doctor needs to stop touching his face

  • 144Donn says:

    The FDA has released drugs that have killed and destroyed people- this drug has been out there for a century! Go for it! Enough nonsense from the FDA and Big Pharma!

  • msblatrice says:

    All I will say is build your immune system up with foods good for you. More than anything drink green tea with tumeric and get yourself some black seed oil! Pray and continue having faith in God.❀ PS: Stay Home as much as possible!

  • AkSevda 35Un1977 says:

    May Allah saves all humanity inşallah. Stay home pleaseπŸ™ Loves from Turkiye πŸ€—

  • Sandra Maier says:

    Dr Oz was probably wanting to yell at him “Stop touching you face!”

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