The CDC Now Acknowledges COVID-19 Can Be Airborne – Here’s What You Need to Know

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The CDC Now Acknowledges COVID-19 Can Be Airborne – Here's What You Need to Know

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  • Daily Dose of Medicine says:

    👍Current evidence suggests that COVID-19 spreads between people through direct, indirect (through contaminated objects or surfaces), or close contact with infected people via mouth and nose secretions. These include saliva, respiratory secretions or secretion droplets. These are released from the mouth or nose when an infected person coughs, sneezes, speaks or sings, for example. People who are in close contact (within 1 meter) with an infected person can catch COVID-19 when those infectious droplets get into their mouth, nose or eyes.

  • Fabian Gong says:


    • Mike Tyson 2020 says:

      U think Biden is good ?

    • Joan Lynch says:

      Yes, and living in a healthy space is important.

    • Barbara Swain says:

      Fabian Gong Again, show me a controlled study that shows masks protect you from the virus and I would gladly wear a mask , but you can’t because no such study has been conducted. However, there have been studies done by the American Association of Doctors and Surgeons our of Illinois that proves They Do Not Protect You From Viruses. In fact, the officials in California told the residents that the mask will not protect them from the harmful smoke from the California Fires and guess what, the virus is quite smaller than the smoke. So be my guest and continue to wear a mask if you want to, as for me I take precautions when I am out and about and don’t rely on the falsehood of the mask.

  • laura deCardenas says:


  • report7777 says:

    REALLY CAN BE airborne? lol just because CDC didn’t have no choice but to releases this info that half of the world knew??? this is old news since June or July i think but that means no open restaurants, schools and so and for where ever reason they didn’t say this before now what ?

  • Shelley Almond says:

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  • Mike Tyson 2020 says:


  • report7777 says:

    you are not sure why it took so long ????? cause they care more about the economy

  • Anna Rudder says:

    They’re clueless. Stopped listening

  • Richard Magdaleno says:

    more lies, confusion to keep the fear in you ….

  • ongo Rita Rita says:

    Good 07:33 . I wait for love from you 💝💖

  • Joan Lynch says:

    Haven’t we known this all along? How is that news? How can we even go inside a public building? How can we go to a gym or a church where we sit in a seat where another person has been sitting? Then should we wear gloves and plexiglass facial coverings in public?

    • JB67 says:

      Stop listening to all of this brain washing and control tactics, there has and will always be viruses. Unless you want to live in a plastic bubble get over it already. Enough is Enough with all these scar tactics. Stop being Sheep.

  • Barbara Swain says:

    Why are we so hung up on “How the Virus Is Transmitted” when the survival rate is 99.4, 99.5 and 99.6 depending on which group you lie in. There are always going to be viruses. Get used to it!! Get Healthy, improve immune system, get on with your Life. Tomorrow, , You could be hit by lightening. NOTICE NEITHER DR OZ OR HIS EXPERT MENTIONS SURVIVAL RATE! Just another sham to keep people masked, Oxygen deprived and increase in bacterial and or fungus infection in the lungs. Show us a controlled Study that shows mask work!!! They can’t because there has never been such a study done.

  • Linda Gutierrez says:

    Well well now it’s finally going to be talked about. This is not news to me. Go figure. Air Borne

  • Linda Gutierrez says:

    Air we breathe

  • Hope says:

    I absolutely concerned.
    I’m 52, now and I was 36, I was dx with Histoplasmosis, but theres more, so much more, I wish I knew Id of known. So inictally what started I thought I just had a cold, as few days passed, I said must turned to flu, (feeling worse) short of breath.
    I ended up going to St Francis
    (Beech Grove, In), they diagnosed me with Pleurisy (water on lungs), and was sent home with a steroid.
    On way home I filled it, once home, I took it on July 20, 2006, not much time went by after that and all I can remember is getting up to go to the bathroom but it was a flight of stairs and half way down, the stairs I yelled for my daughter to call 911, I was in a panic something was terribly wrong and I knew this was as serious as it gets.
    I’m assuming I probably had a temp but didn’t take it, I think the fact I felt the way I did was warning enough. The ambulance arrives I last remember being out in the ambulance, next thing I remember waking up on a gerny being pushed in a hospital bed down a hall and I’m out again.
    I wakened again know the CDC is in White Head to Toe, Plastic Guard Looking thing, over there faces, even their feet had white coverings, and like a hose looking thing to breathe through probably similar to SCUBA if you know what that is? . They began asking me questions like where I’d been and who I’ve been around? Any public places? I knew I was in for something, they explained I had Histoplasmosis but that it wasn’t one we (US) would very recognizable they think this because in the US everyone I’d been in contact with and everyone at the hospital would have to be quarantined, and if not such as my case that seen this had layed dorminit in for quite some time, as easy way think of it is, it was like looking via films it was like a ZEBRA, nobody’s fault. This misdiagnosed and the wrong medicine literally caused me my life 2 times! That’s how many times they had to work to bring me back.
    During that process as the body starts shutting down and everything goes. Because while they worked to save me it was all to much strees on my body and had 2 recesitate me, I know also had SEPIS this was the effects of it’s a infection in your blood.
    This is why than I had to get have my half of right removed and that just the beginning, as I eventually had to learn to live life over again now I feel with half the factulties as I had due to the hypoxia. So at a follow up with my now disease specialist he trying to tell me that the diagnosis was pheunomniatheax, and my SSD does to, but I’m going with the CDCs word. My point is to all this is the 2 are aquired, treated, all together, the Histoplasmosis is contracted bat, birds and other animals feeces rather the spores from it which are near in the air you also can’t see like covid-19 and the Spanish Flu which I feel these are to close, simulator not to have been quidence? So myself rather than worry if I get it? For me the real question is if I get, and in combination my history that’s how is to far? (To save your life)?.

  • Proacguy1 says:

    Would a procedure mask ASTM level 1 offer some kind of protection to me, indoors or outdoors?

  • Marr In Memphis says:

    I am so grateful to find Dr. Oz on YouTube because his program isn’t shown in my local TV area. I have missed his expertise since moving to a new area.

  • V L says:

    Bacteria and virus are in the air always! Big deal! Go see doctor or call your own doctor if sick that what insurance is for.

  • Irene Graham says:

    generating ” more ” fear to get “more “control for “more” power There is no doubt in my mind, the POWERFUL rich organizations behind the plan incl; B.Gates ,Dr F…. , Big Pharma ,Rocherfellers, CDC ,City Bank, W.H.O. Soro’s, Monsanto Creating a slaved society for the N.W.O. All were easy targets chosen to be puppets & very well paid by the masters ~ I believe there will be ” Devine intervention ” In Jesus name Amen

  • Mrs Mija says:

    So do masks even WORK?

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