The Boy Who Died In A Garage

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The Boy Who Did In A Garage

The nanny of the autistic eight-year-old boy who died of hypothermia after he was beaten and left out in a garage overnight by his 'abusive' NYPD cop father last month, says the child was verbally and physically abused.

Nanny Amanda Wildman used to babysit the children of 15-year veteran police officer Michael Valva, 40, who lived with his fiancée Angelina Pollina, 42, in Long Island.

Valva had three sons from a previous marriage and Pollina had three daughters and they tried to present themselves as a happy family like The Brady Bunch, Wildman claims.

On Friday Valva and Pollina were charged with second-degree murder for the death of Valva's son Thomas who died on January 17 after he was allegedly starved, beaten and locked outside the home in freezing temperatures.

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  • Jasmine Jimenez says:

    Y’all spelled died wrong ? 😗

  • Renae says:

    Please correct title. Thanks.

    Poor kid had a rough life. So sad all around. Rest peacefully.

  • T's a work n progress says:

    Did needs to be corrected. Very Sad story.

  • Morrigan says:

    ……May the poor child Rest In Peace. He is a little Angel now..💚🙏😥

  • nona buisness says:

    Some of the people should be fired for this

  • Traci Parisey says:

    Same goes for lawyers and judges doing favoritism, the system needs fixed!!!

  • Bambam G7 says:

    I was like he did what in the garage …
    Misspelled title

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Child abuse is the thing that proves us humans are not improving
    We’re only getting worse
    And child could be just the first sign

  • DeniseB says:

    Cop not gonna have an easy time in jail

  • Carol Benson says:

    What in the hell is wrong with parents anymore?

  • red pill says:

    not to many cops that arnt abusive to there children or wives lets keep it real

  • KV J says:

    The mother was correct. I went through the court custody system and it is swayed.

  • Michelle Whitley says:

    Maybe, Dr Oz can hire an editor for the clip nails.

  • Kelly Kaminski says:

    Prison is to good of a place for those 2 so called adults. That’s all I can say

  • Melanie Jonker says:

    ‘Blah blah blah blah …’ Too little, too late. CPS and everyone who knew about this FAILED this vulnerable little angelface. Shame on you.

  • Penny says:

    Sad case of corruption. Judge who awarded custody to that sociopath should be removed.

  • Susan Long says:

    Personally I think they should be put in a garage under same circumstances with no covers no pillow and let nature take its course. If they pee and poop make them clean it up with little resources to clean stuff up. One thing that was not mentioned was did they have access to a bathroom? They should not be allowed to be together either they need to go through the process alone. The reason dad wanted the children was because they were probably receiving a disability check and they wanted that money. How was her children treated!?!

  • Sky Love says:

    Let me guess, he didn’t want to pay child support 💁

  • Tearsof Brionne says:

    Why these people given a child when don’t deserve them… and there’s a lot of couples there who are loving and cannot have their own children 😔

  • Cyndy G says:

    My daughter was the intake nurse at the hospital when he came in.

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