The Big Bacon Shortage

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The Big Bacon Shortage

Dr. Oz gets to the bottom of America’s biggest bacon fears, and butcher Matthew Katakis shares how bacon became a staple of our diets. Are bacon alternatives the next big food trend?

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  • TheSunnyEdge says:

    A healthy bacon option that tastes the same would make billions

  • Miss America says:

    I think bacon is Good nothing wrong with it

  • Nikki Revell says:

    No more Bacon…😥😫😨😱..i would be crushed..that’s one of the reasons y i do keto..i love bacon😋😊

  • Jessica Schoonmaker says:

    I dont even like bacon

  • Peterbircsak1 says:


  • Lynn Cameron says:

    Wow….fresh water is what I’d be concerned about..

  • JustaBabsy says:

    I think it’s really irresponsible of Dr.Oz to be promoting bacon in any fashion when the World Health Organization has classified processed meats as a class one carcinogen. What doctor wants to harm their patients? I think I’m just going to wipe my hands of him as of this video, he’s really off the rails and not thinking about people at all.

  • Penni Swift says:

    Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!

  • Mercedes Wilkins says:

    I quit eating pork and o course bacon 🥓 no matter what kind it is. Pork, turkey, maple, etc.

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