The Best Ways to Lose Half Your Body Weight

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Viewer Veronica tells Dr. Oz how she started and was able to lose half of her body weight. Then, viewer Nina reveals why she decided to lose weight without having surgery.

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  • Tolu Oluwadare says:

    Veronicaaaa 😱 I almost fell out my seat. Great job ma’am!

  • Marceila Thomason says:

    I love Veronica’s walk just sexy and confident in that dress.. Go Girl!

  • mrsbrownsugarsweetz says:

    Finally someone that didn’t have surgery. Amazing story!

  • Joe Patten says:

    Veronica you’re fabulous! Send me that red dress. I noticed she cuts out most carbohydrates. Go 👧!

    • marcelo bernardes says:

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  • Jordan Jean says:

    One like = one crunch and squat

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  • Morgan Maguire says:

    Damn Veronica u look amazing girl xxx

  • Sally DuBuque says:

    Crazy how many people are seeing results with

  • Nikky Kay says:

    I love the excitement that comes with weight loss…Nice video

  • Rexosaurus Ness says:

    Damn Veronica, that’s putting in some damn work.

  • Sandra Álvarez says:

    Veronica looks like a million dollar!😍🙌🏼

  • Nevermind says:

    Veronica looking like a *snack* so pretty and confident good job girl

  • True Youtuber Sumi says:

    I lose 30 kg in 10 months with proper diet and home exercise 😃

  • Becca Cole says:

    One like = 1 squat, 1 crunch and 1 bench for 5 seconds 😳❤️
    (I will do it)

  • Wolfy Positive says:

    Her: *Eating a very good diet*

    *Me sitting here eating chips*

  • Lizbeth and gina the guinea pig says:

    Every like is me doing a 10 minute workout
    And eating something healthy just tryna make it fun💀😂

    • Rajesh Gopaldas says:

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  • sophiebophiex says:

    One like = One push up, five sit ups, and 30 sec wall sit

    For each like I’ll repeat this whenever I get the notification!

  • Waffle Nose says:

    One like = 10 squats and 2 push-ups

  • Villo v says:

    One like =5 crunches

    I wanna try this too lol I need to lose that stubborn fat

  • Earl Williams says:

    Yesterday marked the 20th day of my weight loss journey. Happy to say I’m down 15 pounds thanks to this method:

  • Ichi Panc says:

    Wow beautiful! Half of body weight, that is impressive. I love that she didn’t go route of “surgery”. My method was, this tea! it actually worked. And also I cut out all dairy products. My weight and also skin looks a lot better now. And I am keeping my shape for a while too. Natural is the best way!

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