The Best Way To Wash Your Laundry During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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  • Keshia Gonzalez says:

    But she touched the outside of the washer with her dirty gloves🤦🏽‍♀️🤔

  • Queen Yatunde says:

    Wash your clothes, Pillows and hair when you go outside and back into your 🏡 limit people visiting your home..

  • J Man says:

    I have outer wear and inner wear. Simple

  • P2Feener 305 says:

    Unfortunately I live in a small apartment in nyc…I have to wash my clothes by hand in the bath tub.

  • Dot Valen says:

    Thanks Dr. Oz 👌

  • Mrs. Z says:

    I’m probably considered a germaphobe but I have ALWAYS washed my hands first thing coming home before touching anything and removing shoes and also changing into HOUSE clothes to me it’s always been just common sense and it keeps your home and furniture clean longer

  • Lilly Blue says:

    Great she has washer and dryer at home. Many of us have to go to a laundromat.

  • Sunny 420 says:

    The state of paranoid

  • Heather Chinoski says:

    We just put outside clothes in the washer right away and shower. We only leave once a week or so for groceries or pharmacy or Dr.

  • Cod Almighty says:

    ‘Kin ‘ell! Have people forgotten how to live their lives all of a sudden?
    Because they didn’t mention anything about this pandemic causing amnesia.
    Can’t wait for your next video “The best way to wipe your 4r53 during the coronavirus outbreak”

  • Mariah P says:

    Does this mean I should be changing my clothing after take my dog out side for walk or just when I have gone to the store or some where public?

  • Eco-ASL Fitness-ASL says:

    Did you see that? Tongue in cheek expression towards the end! LOL. As like he was thinking she was being overkill with her laundry procedure lol

  • bella2019 says:

    Shoes- I always take it off – Asian style 😬

  • bella2019 says:

    Give me a breakkkk

  • Elizabeth Hester says:

    I have to use Clorox for my clothes and apartment to keep things clean, because of my cancer treatments last year.

  • Elizabeth Hester says:

    i wash every thing in bleach

  • Jennifer Figueroa says:

    Yall acting like gloves are available rn. Don’t yall remember of the people who stock piled them?

  • Save Kualas says:

    Just to be safe, throw your laundry away and buy new clothes

  • Elizabeth Hester says:

    including the washer and dryer with bleach and door knobs

  • mwmkhungo says:

    Doctor Oz, is there a study regarding using Prep to prevent getting the corona virus? The safety precautions are great but paranoia starts to kick in.

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