Telemedicine Beginner’s Guide

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Telemedicine Beginner's Guide

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How Telemedicine Can Help You Right Now

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  • Tom says:

    nice content keep it up dude

  • Karen Lloyd says:

    tele medicine. not good

  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 6 minutes and 18 seconds left to live”


  • tommy d says:

    Oz I wanna see your report how hydroxychloroquine is helping people not studies

  • Vernanda Lionel says:

    Wow it’s a very good yesterday I did with my doctor over the phone And I get my medication from the pharmacy it is good

  • Catherine Elizabeth says:

    Telemedicine has helped me a lot because I am stuck in another state and my doctor is in another state…and my doctor has been beyond understanding right now with me….

  • Das Whodat says:

    My Dr had me do a Telemedicine 2 weeks ago to get my meds refilled.

  • Tom in Puerto Rico says:

    I just went to the ‘Sharecare’ website. It looks like they are there only for black people and women.

  • mehmet taha karaoğlu says:

    Mehmet hocam sizi Türkiye`den izliyorum.Corona virüs hakkında ne düşünüyorsunuz

  • BigDog says:

    What about doing xrays and MRIs

  • Kevin Singleton says:

    Is there any studies that researched the effects on Coronavirus patients that have had their flu vaccine?

  • mamaknows says:

    Dr Oz listening to story after story of covid19 patients being turned away from testing, then from care. Told to self treat at home. Some get to hospital for treatment way too late. Some die at home. Seems health industry is encouraging deaths by refusing care for too many. There are hospitals in south Florida supposedly ready for covid19 patients without any being treated. What people qualify for treatment? Please look into this.

  • TTR says:

    The phone existed before people ….So now they can charge you thousands of dollars for FaceTime lol..

  • Brenda Ivette says:

    I’m having my diabetes dr. And my primary dr. Every week with this chats… it’s been great!!! They can take care of you from the distance! Everybody should know about this!! Thanks 🙏

  • Ch V says:

    Dr oz you should bring on Dr Fauci

  • Nadia Ceschini says:

    Mi piaci molto ti seguo da sempre mi piacerebbe sapere il tuo saggio pensiero in tutto ciò che sta succedendo al mondo! Io sono Nadia e sono italiana

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