Taylor Swift Gifts $3,000 to Fans Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic

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Taylor Swift Gifts $3,000 to Fans Affected by COVID 19 Pandemic

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  • Tim says:

    nice content you deserve more subscribers

  • Proles Fighting Over Saucepans says:

    That’s all?

  • Mr Glass says:

    So you give enough to make yourself popular….
    So you can appear like you’re a good soul.

    Why don’t you give the money from one of your whole albums…. To the doctors and the nurses working in the hospitals.
    You got to love these phony celebrities with their tax write-offs

  • Idaho Smoke & Fire BBQ says:


  • Canada's Worst Fisherman says:


  • Enn Vee says:

    Thats like loose change for her 😑

  • quivari25 says:

    I really wish I could say I was a fan!! 😬😮

  • 矜语 says:

    Maybe we should make her president 😉

  • Sheila Mahone says:

    Is that best she can do?? Smh That’s an insult.

    • ncfo20 says:

      Her fan had lost her income for a month and couldn’t pay her bills. $3,000 should easily cover her bills for the month. Why would Taylor go beyond that? I’m no particular fan of hers but she didn’t have to give her anything. Even if I had a billion dollars, I would put it to much better use than wasting it on some random person’s rent.

  • erin corinne says:

    Jeffree star has also been gifting his fans money. It’s such a nice gesture and I’m sure it’s really helping those who are struggling.

  • ForJustice &Truth says:

    She would’ve been better off giving none. This makes her look bad. A millionaire giving $3,000 is like her giving $20 dollars up. It’s nothing. Chump change.

  • Vox Clamantis says:

    That’s great, maybe her fans can get some toilet paper after watching her sing.

  • Tasha Richard says:

    That’s very sweet of her, but how much is she worth???

  • St1ckyJesus says:

    I want free money!

  • TheBloodVodka says:

    That’s pennies for her.

  • D. Squiqqles says:

    newsflash guys, she may not be that rich

  • brianna reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 1 minute and 27 seconds left to live”


  • Verbal World says:

    $3000 she’s a millionaire wow 🤣🤣🤣

  • Patti Callihan says:

    Such a kind act to do . Thank you Taylor.

  • Evan Wang says:

    U guys do understand that she is giving more than the US government right? Not to mention she donated 5 million to health organizations.

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