Susan Lucci Gets Her Heart Scanned Live

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Susan Lucci Gets Her Heart Scanned Live

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  • SSalivavila says:


  • Lisa Money says:

    *☺️I can’t believe Susan Lucci still look’s good at her age and healthy!* *💁🏻‍♀️She must of had a good plastic surgeon.🥰*

  • Jess4metoo says:

    Susan Lucci is now the same age as Frances Heflin when she died. I’m so happy Susan will be around much longer.

  • laura marrero fabian says:

    She is the queen of slaps 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Dr. Oz was great

  • Dina Giangregorio says:

    She looks great

  • J Atterberry says:

    O ty ! I forgot what that test was called . I want to get that done . Can u get that done r request from ur doctor to have that done without any Symptoms ? . Mine would b age related and type 2 diabetic . Any information would b appreciated. Ty

  • Carol Apostolos says:

    Thank God she’s alive.

  • Whitney Davis says:

    I’m SO thankful that she’s okay! She’s the best!

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