Surprising Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism – Best of Oz Collection

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Surprising Foods That Slow Down Your Metabolism – Best of Oz Collection

A collection of the top clips from 11 years of the The Doctor Oz Show

If your metabolism is sluggish and ineffective, your diet may be to blame! Nutritionist Josh Axe reveals the surprising foods that slow down your metabolism and the metabolism revivers you should eat instead.

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  • SocialBounty Money Making App says:

    amazing video bro z5Pk

  • raoul Mukiza says:

    I’ll never eat whole grain food again

  • anna register says:

    Wow that’s crazy I’m sad abt pbjs.


    Amazing, Dr Axe advice has saved my life before only. Was great to see him on Dr Oz. Recently Peanuts Messed up my health badly qnd took me some time to recover. Was great to see this today.

  • Cheryl Altschuler says:

    Love almond butter and some grocery places carry these little packets of almond butter by Justin’s I try to avoid canola oil it makes my heart race and gives me tightness in the middle of my chest, I opt for olive oil whenever possible.

  • M M says:

    I love Dr Axe😊

  • Lisa Money says:

    *🍶i love Grass Fed Milk!* *It’s creamy and delicious❗*

  • Home Dronen FPV says:

    I am 61 and I suffer from Chronic Fibromyalgia, (excruciating burning pain every day,) and I was wondering if these are some of the reasons that I suffer so much…I consume my veggies on a daily basis…Thanks for sharing!

  • brianna figueroa says:

    doctor: “you have 5 minutes and 51 seconds left to live”


  • k hanna says:

    Butter no thanks, olive oil is best

  • Brenda Garner says:


  • Tantrum says:

    Great to hear more people talking about this

  • Julie Santos says:

    These Dr.Axe tips were really helpful to me,Thanks Dr.Oz.😀

  • Amber CC says:

    I thought Dr Axe is a chiropractor. Not a physician. Maybe a Nutritionist. Disagree about peanuts. It’s very nutritious.

  • Queen of The south says:

    I am the living proof that the soul Jesus once lived and is living here in the physical. I will go on national TV with a doctor that specializes in past lives to prove who I am. The others from the Bible will also come forward. I know them all

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