Social Distancing: What’s the Right Distance?

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  • Dan Illahi says:

    How social distance but people want to get closer to get to know you better? Take a gun and go fish! The more you know. Im kidding.

  • Faye King says:

    Good afternoon

  • roseagain2 says:

    How did we survive before covid 19?

  • Hardeep kaur says:

    World reading comments good wishes health wealth and happyniess be safe worldwide families heaven on earth beautiful beautiful beautiful world sharing thanks again bless much love from Kenya

  • Chris Jansen says:

    I remember doing an experiment in school where we used a perfume that travels as the speed of breath to track how far and fast it travels. Unless you are about 20 feet away, those particles in the air are reaching you. And that’s not to mention coughing or sneezing, which is much faster and farther. Let’s also not forget that public buildings use air recycling systems, so inside those buildings there is no safe space. It’s all a waste of time.

  • British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent says:

    I love all of you! Just so you know, and this is positive… The Plandemic not Pandemic is just a “G-3 OPERATION VIRUS”. Your not sick, nobody is dead because of this fake virus. The lockdown kills people, lying and documenting deaths as VIRUS related is murder and fraud. Social Distancing is population control. The G-3 leaders are a psychopath Cult and not practicing anything they enforce with the police on you and I. THIS VIRUS IS %100 FAKE!!! Be clear on that and God Bless you all…

  • Zero Quanta says:

    NO NEED FOR social Distancing,,,, WHY,,, because this is your chance of death,, 0.0000573
    This Whole covid restrictions are POLITICAL,,!!!! Democrats say “YOU DO THIS,, BECAUSE YOU MUST LISTEN AND DO “ANYTHING” WE TELL YOU TO DO<

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