Simple Life Hacks for a Flatter Belly

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

Core expert Chris Powell reveals the best life hacks for a flatter belly.

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  • Aimee Hortence says:

    Salad ingredients:
    Dandelion stems
    Chicory leaves
    Baby arugula
    Belgian endive
    Fennel bulb

  • True2Live says:

    Sooooo….eat well (load up on veggies and protein and decrease the added sugar, carbs, and alcohol intake), sleep well, and work out consistently is all they needed to say….

  • deb says:

    Ok so eggs and oatmeal, just no. I will try the salad and the exercise though

    • anthony adolphe says:

      Egg yolks high in cholesterol

    • kk squad says:

      I had oatmeal for breakfast….

    • Mike S says:

      deb If you’re saying NO to eggs and oatmeal, you’re making a big mistake. That’s not my opinion. It’s fact! Those are 2 of the best Super Foods on the planet! That fact is backed up by more science than I can say, and I also know it from personal experience. 2 or 3 eggs EVERY DAY and a bowl of REAL rolled oats (not that candy stuff) along with a reasonable diet and daily walking, helped ME lose 35 lbs. in SIX WEEKS! I swear to God!! Even my Doctor had a hard time believing it. I’m lucky. I realize that. Not everyone will do that. I used to be quite the athlete and I was blessed with good genetics. I’m lucky and grateful for that. I stopped playing sports due to injury, my life got more sedentary, and I was eating too much and not getting enough exercise. I got up to 250 lbs. I was shocked because I’m somewhat tall (6ft, 1in.) and I just didn’t look fat, but I was! I made up my mind to lose weight (fat), stayed on the diet I just mentioned, and after 6 weeks I went from 250lbs to 215! It was a PIECE OF CAKE! It wasn’t hard at all. Like I said, I know I was lucky, so lucky in fact that I let myself slip a little, thinking I will just do it again if I have to. Well, I’m doing it again now, and it’s working again.

  • airplane800 says:

    A guy said many years ago that Americans are killing themselves with food. We spend millions to protect the country and we let the food industry kill millions of people.

  • Rhonda L says:

    Why not just have oatmeal with a scrambled egg on the side? Or veggie omelette.

  • Heart2HeartBooks says:

    This guy talks about taking stress down a level…He looks very stressed out! He talks like he is running from a lava flow coming from a volcano eruption!

  • Valerie says:

    Why was it ok for that woman to rub Chris’ stomach?? Imagine Dr.Oz reaching over to rub Chris’ wife’s stomach??!!

  • Emily Devaughn says:

    I want a flat belly not abbs

  • G B says:

    The woman in purple is very attractive very beautiful.

  • Rose J says:

    No one ever recommends watching your favorite comedy, or do something that makes you laugh at least once a day to release stress. Instead, its meditate, yoga, deep breathing which is valid but boring AF!

  • sandile sithole says:

    People of earth 🌍 don’t forget to eat your favorite foods. We have one chance to live here.

  • Queen of the South says:

    80% diet and 20% exercise will determine your weight loss and body shape. They both are killing it in the gym!!!!

  • Alexander Devine says:

    Tense my body up and released a big fart!!!!!!!

  • Matthew May says:

    “The ONLY Ab exercise I do.” What about squatting, deadlifting,.. etc. anything that requires you to brace your core…. GOD! I hate how this show plays on ignorance.

  • Mr. Meatball says:

    I have a flat belly..

    But the l is silent:(

  • Hermione Granger says:

    I may not have the “perfect” body for a girl but at least I’ll die happy eating my tacos and hot Cheetos.

  • Amy Sanders says:

    I have been using these it really helps with weight loss made my stomach flat.

  • Erin C says:

    Unfortunately my family controls what I eat and I’m required to eat a bowl of rice everyday (Asian tings) or else they’ll think I’m crazy

  • Edward Leo says:

    As a filipino, not eating rice is really hard. Meal isnt complete without rice

  • Freya Welch says:

    Weight loss doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful thanks to

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