Should You Wash Your Produce With Soap?

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Should You Wash Your Produce With Soap?

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  • awatef Hamdi says:

    can i use water with vinegar ?

  • Your Future Texas Chiropractor says:

    Making marinades with Dawn soap is probably not a wise idea either

  • Eye On Antisemitism Monitoring says:

    In kosher we do anyway wash fruit vegetables
    in water and soap

  • Zack Zinski says:

    I mostly eat canned/frozen now. There’s no way to clean a lugie off your produce simply. You can boil/roast whatever that can be.

  • petermazbabie says:

    Ridiculous! Has this world gone insane? Why don’t we just live in a vacuum sealed cubicles, have giant UV lights put in front and make that the new norm.

  • sassy doe says:

    So I was correct questioning others suggesting using soap and being paranoid about food contamination and WU FLU. Follow your own instincts kids.

  • Alvin Prince says:

    Dr Oz I have to wash your mouth with soap so you could stop scaring the hell out of me everytime I see you on TV

  • TurboCMinusMinus says:

    “There is no evidence” you don’t need evidence, just a working brain. If a covid-infected monkey at the store coughs on your produce, its surface will be infected for days with millions of covid particles (maybe over a week, since you refrigerate produce.) Rubbing with your hands isn’t going to fix it. If you are eating raw produce without washing it, you’re gambling with your life every single time now. “Soap is dangerous” so rinse it off you fucking ape! If you don’t want to wash it, give up on raw food and cook it higher than 65C.

    • chellybabyme says:

      You said that very well. I have always washed vegetables with soap. Seventh Generation. And guess what, it rinses off. However I do understand why in a world full of people that somehow needed to be told to wash their hands that an advisory against using soap on produce what exists. If you don’t even know how to wash your hands, how are you going to know how soap works?

    • Rainy J says:

      @chellybabyme I know, great comment!

  • Liliana Jankovic says:

    What is in the soap? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Susan De Longis says:

    Cannot see your green text

  • Es Gara says:

    Sorry washing with water and soap all groceries and or wiping with alcohol infused wipes. A lot is unknown about the virus.

  • Parwin Ali says:

    Hard to read!

  • Ava Yu says:

    You wash your produce by soaking it in a big bowl of apple cider vinegar and or baking soda (with or without this Wuhan SARS 2.0 virus) because this gets rid of the pesticides and other germs that may cause just normal food borne illnesses. Ratios of dilution with water depends on how much you are washing…

    Washing with soap is so stupid, why don’t you just eat lye and drink bleach….😂🤓 It’s no wonder we have pandemics and communists in the world!

    • Rainy J says:

      No it isn’t stupid, I NEVER get sick EVER, I wash food with dish soap and rinse it REALLY well. Then dry it with paper towel. I Never get sick. You have to rinse it really well. People in the stores are touching, the bugeys, money, they go to the bathroom and Don’t wash their hands and touch all the produce. THAT’S GROSS. People who get sick from eating soap is BULL!! THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO RINSE IT. I buy organic and still wash it. Only idiots who don’t wash soap off properly get sick. I doubt that even happens unless they’re really stupid. I don’t take advice from Chinese people either,or any Asians, they are usually really dirty people. Who eat dogs and cats, or anything they can find. And Never eat at a Chinese restaurant. Just filthy people.

    • Rainy J says:

      All the pandemics are from CHINA AND SO ARE THE COMMUNISTS YOU ARE ONE OF THEM.

    • Rainy J says:

      Asian’s giving advice on cleaning food👎🙈

    • J T says:

      Actually there is no lye left in soap once it goes through the chemical process of saponification. We use all natural organic Castile soap but I’m not sure if there is active lye in like the commercial chemical laden soaps that are actually detergents & not true soap that many people stil use.

  • Maggie Mae says:

    It’s 2020 and we have to tell people to wash their hands and not eat soap.😕

  • Cori Eddings says:

    You can fill a large bowl water and vinegar and wash them in that

  • Emily V says:

    Wash mine with vinegar

  • Mat Mat says:

    Try soaking it in vinegar for 15 mins then rinse off properly dont use any chemicals

  • Bushman TekBits says:

    Completely useless video even to the negative, I’ve heard this before.
    Instead, they should tell us which soaps are not poisonous… and better ways to wash veggies etc.
    Cold water cleans nothing, won’t remove waxes, oils or anything.
    Vinegar does not kill all the germs…
    In any case, I’d rather get stomach ache than corona, pesticides or worse… which i NEVER get… and i always wash my veggies with soap and warm water then quick rinse with hot water, for the last 50 years.
    I use a veggie brush also.

    Nobody believes this type of video stuff. The real question is, why are they pushing it?

  • stefan stoss says:

    organic health food storeshave been selling things for this purpose as long as doctors ignore the word organic they are useless natural law is health inorganic cans boxes are not natural law its capitalist garbage ” sickness is from violations of natural law ” maharishi mahesh Yogi

  • J T says:

    I have been washing my produce for years with baking soda or vinegar or soap to not only remove bacteria & virus but also pesticides. Also does it matter if you only use non toxic soap? We use organic Castile soap free of toxic chemicals is that what they meant by it being dangerous to ingest?

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