Should You Cancel Hair or Nail Appointments Due to Coronavirus?

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Should You Cancel Hair or Nail Appointments Due to Coronavirus?

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  • Chamila Lekam Arachchige says:

    Stay indoors please.

  • Mistie Saravia says:

    Can mosquitoes carry this virus?

  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    nice content keep up the amazing work

  • TheComicalCanadian says:

    cool video I loved it

  • pam oakes says:

    None open around here anyway.

  • CNA ,Sarah A. says:

    Why are we not allowed to take Ibuprofen during the roundabouts of this virus?

  • Tman NC says:

    From what I understand, this virus is spread mainly by droplets and can also be spread through the air. Also, people can be asymptomatic and still shed the virus. Stylists see a large group of customers on any given day. Those customers also interact with other people, so in my mind, it’s not worth the risk.

  • Hermit Hermit says:

    long hair don’t care

  • Lex Beltran says:

    I cut my own hair at home anyway, now is the time to learn

  • Carol Benson says:

    Gosh…when I was growing up we never went on fancy vacations…had hair and nails done…ate in restaurants every night. We always stayed home…did homework..played games…rode our bikes. People today are so spoiled.

    • G Kodavuru says:

      Same experience. My parents had five kids. So ,even for my education, I worked and paid fees. Now , isolation.. cooking at home, taking care of health and hygiene is part of my life. Corona virus threat made no difference in my life. Having less as a child, trains us to live sensibly, I guess.

    • Notre Aira says:

      Ok boomer

  • Trouble Double says:

    Should you cancel life because of Coronavirus, yeah if you are 65, 75, 85 years old or have multiple comorbidities. If you are in a high risk factor, Quarantine yourself. If you are not khana go about life, get Our schools back open, our kids back in those schools, people back to living life. This level of retardation is shocking to every person I know, And even more so so among all of my colleagues In the medical profession. None of us have a clue what the fuss is with this virus, except for, again, the elderly and immunocompromised. And that isn’t because we don’t know anything about the virus, it’s because we know quite a bit about the virus, And thank God it’s not influenza.

  • Deb Oblak says:

    All closed in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Bella Rosa says:

    Stay home safe. We have been on locked down in Spain for a week we still have a few to go. We can even take a walk outside nor in the community areas. Soo please stay home so others don’t get sick. 🙏

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