Should We Be Quarantining More People?

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Should We Be Quarantining More People?

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  • Theresa Beauchamp says:

    I have a question since this virus is contagious when someone does pass away are they still contagious due to the family and friends would have a funeral. and anyone handling the body??

  • erin corinne says:

    The ppl that are panicking and hoarding things are really pissing me off! You’re making it harder on the rest of us and it’s only going to hurt you in the end

    • D Clifford says:

      erin corinne
      I know! They are making matters far worse.

    • sam hawkz says:

      Want to but toilet paper? I have Costco toilet paper and 10 boxes purell sanitizer and 20 cases of paper towels and 100 cases of Costco water. Which one do you need?

    • sam hawkz says:

      3 car garage space comes in handy during these times. I have 3 freezer full of steak and chicken. I ran out of room to store toilet paper. I have 3 rooms full. Now I’m quarantined I dont have any room to work out and I’m bored stuck at home. I need to make room now.

    • Ms BeautyBoss says:

      If your state government told you to prepare for 14 days, its not panicking its called following directions. The federal government said to prepare for 14 days so what do you think you should do?
      In my state, they shut down all the schools, church’s, casino’s, and now small businesses. The state told us to prepare. They (the government) are about to do something (maybe quarantine the entire US). The unknown is the concern.

  • Pri USA says:

    How about virus survival on clothing and grocery store items?? Thanks

  • Kaizen Approach says:

    just came here to say “yes”.

  • Brad Stonestreet says:

    You need to watch Dr. Berg video on coronavirus. You are just as bad as all the other worry warts.

  • D Clifford says:

    I would be happy to stay home but I have to hop store to store daily to try to get toilet paper! 4 days now and I never find any. I refuse to go wait in a long line at 5:00 am for toilet paper. Come on people – how much do you need? Let those of us who just need a little get our one pack.

    • Holly Hatch says:

      We’re in the state of Nevada and NO toilet paper in any stores at all. Cant even buy on amazon. Who would have ever known that our own Government would send us all into toilet paper wars. I bet theyre all laughing at us right now : (((

    • Ms BeautyBoss says:

      I had a hard time buying eggs & water. I had to 🚗 to different stores to get the items I needed.

    • Martina Castellanos says:

      Im waking up at 5:30 am to go to the grocery store , to buy lysol, water, and toilet paper.
      I cant find any anywhere. :/

    • taroal says:

      Soap and water. Effective.

    • ForJustice &Truth says:

      I just bought some online yesterday… never even had to move an inch lol. Also, why not use Kleenex as an alternative, does the same thing. Just gotta get resourceful 🙂 I ordered toilet paper from Walmart online yesterday. Ordered hand sanitizer a couple days ago from rite aid.

  • Erika Alarcón says:

    I have question once the coronavirus infected person gets well and recovers and test comes out negative, can person get infected again over time?

  • John Mills says:

    All the bars crowded in Chicago. COVID19 spreaders

  • J Dee says:

    Next on DoctorOz: Should we be putting more people in concentration camps ?

  • Tonya Browning says:

    Yes. Shut it down!

  • Yolanda72 says:

    We all should be wearing masks and eye wear protection.

  • peace to all says:

    The elbow is where we tell people to sneeze and cough. Seems wrong to suggest elbow bumping where we just sneezed into. Maybe that should be reconsidered?

  • Lupita Villegas Rivadeneyra says:

    DoctorOz what about Interferón Alfa 2b? Do you know if it really works for COVID-19 like the people in some countries are saying?

  • Chloe Princess says:

    Hell yes and test us all . We need to have a lockdown and test people all over that’s the best decision and should have been the first take look at China 🇨🇳 they been in quarantine for months and testing people and their numbers decline and keep the healthy safe as well as now working on finding a treatment/cure.

  • Vox Clamantis says:

    You forgot to mention if people wash their hands and wipe things down with disinfectants. You could touch something that has it, then you disinfect your hands, that kills it! Duh!

  • Five Dee says:

    Wear gloves outside, peel them off as you come in door.

  • Brenda Cristerna says:

    Curious as to why there is still a live audience at the show then?

  • Modern Ruki says:

    At the end of the video DoctorOz said that someone sneezing or coughing can spread the virus… that is why I am a huge supporter of using face masks, even they say is not necessary, … of course it is!!

  • Dragon Steamboat says:

    Let everyone get it so it goes away.

  • Goldsternenstaub says:

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