Should The Water Be Hot When You Wash Your Hands?

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Should The Water Be Hot When You Wash Your Hands?

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  • Barbers Are Hip Hop says:


  • Tommy TT RP says:

    Wendy Williams of all people directing questions on a global pandemic??! 😩😩😂


    I always wash it with hot burning water

  • TheSunnyEdge says:

    Good question Wendy!

  • Cheryl Altschuler says:

    What’s the best soap to use, bar soap or liquid soap. I’ve been using liquid soap bc other people use the restroom I use.

  • Honey Bun says:

    HOT water! 😥😷 FOR ME.

    • hoangkimtran says:

      it got to be 100 celsius for 15 mins to kill all bacteriaa

    • MATTY B says:

      @hoangkimtran actually just shared this video to settle arguments that I’ve had on Facebook it doesn’t matter about the hot or cold water whatsoever the chemicals are still activated and mind you this is a virus not a bacteria

  • DATo DATonian says:

    It’s a legitimate question. I have often wondered that myself.

  • Annette Melnychuk says:

    Hot water is a must! Cold water doesn’t get your hands clean

  • Freebee Williams says:

    Wow 😯 Regular soap is just fine

    • Sarah Forster says:

      Freebee Williams How do you not know this?

    • Kesha Hunt says:

      Yes and the chemicals that are used to make soap antibacterial were banned in most products years ago because it was deadly and causing cancer and other illness but some products still use them and it was never any proof that it actually work but a natural antibacterial is tea tree oil and it’s safer

  • Diana Moore says:

    i’m curious though if sulfate-free soaps “natural” work? It’s my understanding the sulfates are what collect the dirt on hair and skin

  • Ansul Singh says:

    Keep moisturizing your hand guys.


    I been telling people for a while now to stop using antibacterial soap cause it kills the good bacteria that protects us by killing the bad bacteria. 90 % of bacteria on our body is the good guys

  • mover red says:

    Three weeks later with this.

  • Sam King says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz for stating the obvious…not only does antibacterial soap do nothing for viruses it makes the bacterial resistance problem worse. One of the first things to disappear from the stores was antibacterial soap but there was plenty of regular old hand soap which works just as well. Overkill is not necessary and, sometimes, detrimental.

  • dawg 1 says:

    I washed my hands so much, I don’t have fingerprints or palm lines

  • Patti Rodriguez says:

    Stupid question,soap,friction,and water for the length of the happy birthday song should do the job.

  • Michael Brown says:

    She looks like a zombie with a wig.. Lol daaaaaaaaamn

  • sassyfras sahmdiary says:

    Coronavirus is spread through money. Societies have already been going cashless. As the Bible says “Watch”! Please repent and watch what’s going on.

  • Sarah Forster says:

    My family laughs at me, because I refuse to use sanitizer, because water and soap work better!

  • Chef A.m. says:

    Oz- “you could use regular soap”
    Wendy- “reallllyy!”


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