Should Schools Reopen First?

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Should Schools Reopen First?

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  • Larry Lambert says:

    I’m going to tell you right now, schools are breeding grounds for viruses, my youngest son attracts everything at school. If you think for a second it isn’t spread though the school I’ll discredit anything a dr ever says! Oz 2 to 4% your guest is a joke!!

    • A M says:

      Larry Lambert also the kids can carry it to parents and grandparents! I see a lot of grandparents doing pick ups/drop offs. Really hope nobody tries to reopen this spring!

    • David Gainey says:

      You are correct schools are breeding grounds but they have a better chance of getting pregnant and having and abortion than getting this virus.

  • STONE COLD says:

    There is only 1 month of school left anyway leave them closed! To be safe

  • STONE COLD says:

    Imagine parents would rather be in work than teaching their own kids! unreal…

  • Margarita Deverson says:

    When schools reopen, how will the adults that the children come in contact with be protected from contracting the virus? This includes the bus drivers, teachers, and other school staff.

  • Adam Portner says:

    Not safe at still if most kids dont show signs of being sick

  • Grant Carpenter says:

    Holy Botox Batman!

  • Stuart Pierce says:

    Not taking a chance with my son.
    Care about your kids home!! Jennifer

  • Craig Clark says:

    Myself personally I’ve been trying to teach kids things that I learned an elementary school back in the day but now they have no knowledge of it physics trigonometry calculus chemistry biology the basic understanding how the World Turns the first teacher they meet should be their parents before they ever enter School it’s just a sad day in America that took a virus to point all these in efficiencies out

  • Regine j prudent says:

    Dr oz. want for schoo to reopened it only one months school we can wait until September. for school to open ,but make sure all the kids vaccinate before the returning to school !

  • Amber Baldwin says:

    My family has already decided to do the k-12 program for our kids next year. We are not taking any chances.

  • Bebi Bharat says:

    Life’s are better than education right now. They can stay home and learn the basics instead sending them to school n contracting the virus and die.

  • Rose Steele says:

    Ah…….health first. Be a parent!!!

  • Bruce Hirsch says:

    Dr.oz…what do you really think…I know u might have to keep your opinions private.if not..please respond..step up to plate..

  • Jacquelyn Allen says:

    Can we set classes up on Zoom?

  • Itsme Forsure says:

    So we will have more busses and less students/class? SOunds like schools will have 2 shifts.

  • D Love of hounds says:

    Children shouldn’t be risked as part of a social experiment. Aside from the fact that there are some with compromised immune systems, asthma and unknown underlying conditions any loss is too much. What about the educators? They are not all young & dynamos against this virus. Yes, kids are falling behind a bit on their education; isn’t it worth saving their lives ? Food programs are still going on in many communities, food banks and kids are being fed. Parents may not be teachers but they are their parents.
    A dilemma or an experiment?

  • kara dizon says:

    I don’t think schools should reopen yet until this virus dies down. We are not out of “danger zone” yet. I don’t mind if my kids are home and safe. Cares and death tolls have not died down. My kids misses their friends but safety is the key.

  • sinchman1 says:

    Parents stop complaining and home school your children… Keep these schools closed till September or beyond if needed.

  • Skipper Russell says:

    Hell yeah, bring that stuff back home to the old folks, stupid.

  • Marian Head says:

    Gosh, suddenly teachers are appreciated.

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