Should Kids Visit Grandparents During the Covid-19 Outbreak?

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Should Kids Visit Grandparents During the Covid-19 Outbreak?

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  • Sugar Xyler the foot model says:

    I never wanted kids. I had my tubes tied 31 years ago. Best choice I ever made !!!

  • Foos K says:

    Dr OZ May Allah give you rewards you answer all the questions I have all the time šŸ‘šŸ¾

  • Finnish Rocjy says:

    Miss my grand babies very much. When I call, they get upset and blame the virus from stopping them coming to visit us. That’s upsetting to us too. Especially when they say, they’re pissed off. They just want cuddles and hugs and miss my cooking. So sad.

  • Concerned Asian says:

    Things asian people do.Other than usual stuff.
    1) Drink green tea
    2) Drink coconut water
    3) gagle mouth with salt water.
    4) drink herbal medicines with tea.
    5) Put herbal leaves (even lemon) on a pot boil them and inhale the vaper to nose and forehead until sweat comes out.

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