Should Babies Wear Face Masks?

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Should Babies Wear Face Masks?

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  • ROMA Portugal says:

    No because of suffocation

  • anandguruji83 says:

    Q: Should Babies Wear Face Masks?
    A: No

  • La Silveira says:

    Good video

  • Tom says:

    awesome video bro

  • Mat Mat says:

    Excellent public service message .Thank you Dr. Oz

  • Mario Antonio Crespo says:

    I’m a 5’3 134 pound full grown man ✌🏽

  • william zabiski says:

    Talking about masks, isn’t it that Tedros of WHO was the one who did not recommend masks during early hours of the pandemic so as to give a chance for one country to get back all the supplies it needed from other countries and let other countries caught flat footed later ? That S@B ruin all people’s lives.

    • greenwahine says:

      No it was January when djt refused early test from WHO & instead called it a Dem hoax along w fox news.
      Djt Also “fired” White house office of pandemic preparedness & the scientists in 2018.
      AND in January instead of having PPE made & preparing, djt said,
      “there is only 15 cases & it would will go away”.
      Also Turns out it was Europe not china brought the 1st cases.
      With a 1/3 of the worlds cases in America & the highest death rate in the world. Flat footed doesn’t even begin to describe the unresponsive ineptitude of the shift the blame, “no i don’t take any responsibility” president. Ineptitued still occurring so badly that American healthcare workers are soldiers w no armour.
      America is left to face that the fact that countries that took the W.H.O guidance seriously are more effective at bending the covid curve than those who didn’t, like US.

      W.H.O: “we must work together because we are only as effective as are weakest healthcare system”.
      Stay safe by listen to scientists over politicians esp 1’s proven to be wrong.

  • SouthernBelleVlogs says:

    If you absolutely have to take a baby or small child out during this time buy a stroller cover. It’s plastic and covers the entire stroller. I couldn’t get my son to wear a mask (he’s 2) and I have a doctors appointment I can’t miss next week so I did this. Amazon sells them just search “stroller rain cover.” They start at $8.

    • Patricia Johnson says:

      SouthernBelleVlogs I agree 100 percent, this is the best advice to give.

    • Emerald Eyes says:

      Unfortunately many people, mainly mothers, are taking their babies and toddlers out and walking in neighborhoods daily, at least where I live. None of the strollers that I’ve seen thus far have covers on them. I watch these moms from my window as they walk their child right up to other people on the sidewalk. 🤦🏻‍♀️ A cover isn’t going to do anything when the parent is a complete idiot. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Kudos to you, SouthernBelleVlogs, for actually caring about your child’s well being!! I don’t see a lot of that where I live. It’s very sad!

  • Lou Fazio says:

    What was done during the Spanish flu?

  • Laura Lopez says:

    The virus droplets are in the air when a sick person coughs or sneezes. The child can walk into the air where the droplets are in and inhale them. So yes they should wear them. A small child will not understand and take it off. That’s when the parent needs to find a family member, older child or resources and not take the child to the store or out as much as they can.

  • L CHGL says:

    “Save your masks for robbing banks. Stay calm and carry on. Let’s not make our attempted cures worse than the disease.” ~ Dr. Richard Schabas, former Chief Medical Officer of Ontario, Medical Officer of Hastings and Prince Edward Public Health and Chief of Staff at York Central Hospital

  • D Love of hounds says:

    I agree absolutely Not!
    I myself sometimes have a hard time breathing through a mask.

  • Coach Darren says:

    We are making a dangerous virus way more dangerous than it actually is. The news media has push the fear at full speed and this country now will never be the same. The normal we knew will never return not even when the news tells you everything is good go back to life as before. The damage fear and control has already been done.

  • haroonsweb says:

    What is the dose given to patients of zinc sulphate, hydroxy choloquine and zinc sulphate????

  • Angie says:

    Oh Jesus, if people have to ask if babies should wear masks we are going to all die off by 2021. First they say no one should wear masks or gloves aside from medical because it’ll be more likely to spread it by touching your face. Then they say everyone should make a mask and always wear it (waaaay too late in the game.) Now people are going to put babies at more jeopardy giving some quack information. If you have a baby, just leave them at home and have someone watch babies and kids if a parent has to go out of the home. Don’t be dragging your kids with you to the supermarket, exposing them to God knows what. Simple planning and preparation along with asking for assistance (which most people are more than willing to do) kids and babies can and should stay home until this is under control.

  • stefan stoss says:

    yes and teddy bear more important is organic food for mother and baby kosher if possible vedic organic is ideall and have a open vial of lemon oil organic therapeutic quality of lemon oil difusing into the air only use natural cleaning products keep 15 000 chemical factories as far away as possible

  • Jane Joe says:

    Dr Oz thank you thank you. God Bless you on Easter

  • Jane Joe says:

    The writing in green is hard to read though imho

  • Love Lots says:

    DrOz I was wondering if you know anything about why some people back in January 2020 test negative for flu when they had shortness of breath, fever and cough could this had been the Coronavirus already and no knew what to call it.

  • infinatenik says:

    This video mentioned cloth masks the virus can pass through the microscopic holes in cloth you must wear a coffee filter underneath mask.

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