Shocking Lockdown Crimes Coronavirus Researcher Dead In Apparent Murder Suicide

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Shocking Lockdown Crimes Coronavirus Researcher Dead In Apparent Murder Suicide

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  • Madison Elaine says:

    They’re not even trying to hide it anymore

  • Helma says:

    Must be patents / money?

  • ycart tosey says:

    why did gov cuomo stick covid sick patients in nursing homes, can dr oz please explain this. gov cuomo took back the order this week.

  • marie says:

    Never heard such nonsense

  • Nelly Moriarty_ says:

    Thank you both for informing by book & media how to keep safe People are terribly stressed & anxious we must tip-toe around even more now everyone concerated

  • gibber jabber says:

    She is a hack

  • Joey says:

    NOPE! As soon as he said Nancy Grace, I shut it off. That woman is abhorrently SHAMELESS. I can’t believe that Dr. Oz would even ASSOCIATE with her. Now I’m questioning HIS logic. Y’all let me know how the story ends.

  • MAK says:

    Who is this woman. Really bad overacting. 🤮

  • TerriResse Jones-Malone says:

    Idk he’s close to figuring out the virus and then is killed. Smh

  • Diamond Dimples says:

    This is insane!what is the government doing to us, wake up people demand your freedom! He could’ve found the cure to this illness! 😤😤

  • Pawly Gon says:

    What’s the best way to hide a secret?

    Put it in plain sight…and discredit it

  • Keith Inscho says:

    This is bad, real bad. The fact that he was scientist researching Covid19 is very suggestive. All the surrounding info could be to divert our attention. I trust nothing right now.

  • Luka Srdanov says:

    i dont care what anyone says its a government thing period.

  • MaramLifeStyle says:

    why would they kill him??!! who wants their economy to fall apart ?? i don’t get it don’t they want a cure?

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