Shaun T Insanity with Dr. Oz

By Jean Laguerre | Health & Fitness

You don't need a gym membership to get your best body back! Tone your belly, butt, arms and legs in only 15 minutes with this miracle workout from fitness guru Shaun T. For more, check out Dr. Oz's fitness page:

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  • HisGoldenEyes04 says:

    I love how he is not that buff.. He has a good body…

  • Creative Artist says:

    The ladies are having a hard time there lol
    Dr. Oz impressed me for real 🙂

  • TheCubanchica250 says:

    OMG this guy is so fit to be able to keep up with Shaun T! He didn’t even stop ONCE! im impressed and my goal is to be as fit as him

  • Island Gall says:

    You know what also it takes a lot of heart just to try try n is the first step up actually acknowledged that you’re out of shape for that you need to lose weight or basically you need to exercise

  • Bakyt Niyazov says:

    Doctor Oz is in a great shape!

  • Sara McLaughlin says:

    Love Shaun T 🙂 Insanity kicked my butt, but it works

  • RockstahRolln says:

    Dr. Oz is Fit! 

  • Matad0rr says:

    what’s will smith doing hosting insanity

  • damca96 says:

    For normal humans who don’t want to pay 130$ for a single
    T up so others can see!

  • Mikael Gopaul says:

    shaun t the best who agrees?

  • Matt S says:

    now instead of 15 minutes, you need to do it for 40-55 minutes like a normal Insanity workout.

  • caitlyn elisha says:

    I did this one time everyday for a week and so far I lost 15 p0unds… THANKS SO MUCH SHAUN T!!!!!!

    • Alice Fraser says:

      Good job Dr oz

    • BiMiHi says:

      @iSN1P3Rz not true, less fat person loses fat faster then really fat person. The other thing you forgot (becaue you can’t just leave 1 true fact and totaly ignore all the others required for fat loss) is that more muscles you have you waste more calories and if fat person has more muscles then skinny person – yes, they will lose more fat but if they have same amount of muscles the skinny person will lose fat easier. Human body needs 50 calories per 1 pound of muscles a day.

    • NWE Capital says:

      Yes, all 350 million “Americans” needed Shaun T in order to burn calories (looking at 11K views above). Genius comment 🙂

    • ThatOneDoritoBagEatenByIsopods ;-; says:

      Actually if you get the whole set you will definitely lose more cause my dad has it and one day he forced me to workout with him and my muscles are rock solid now and I did alpha for just one month and you get more flexible

    • Awet Debrezion says:

      @Pasan Fernando ow your own instant I have lost 30kg in 4month and I am healthy no problem

  • erica longamore says:

    it’s funny because this is NOTHING compared to the Insanity DVDs! I like this one SO much better! Hahaha

  • Keista Spree says:

    Daaammn!!! Dr. Oz it fit!!

  • XxsamasarusxX says:

    I started today and this was so freaking fun! Favorited this video<3
    Thank you so much Dr. Oz and Shaun T

  • Kevin Garduño says:

    I got tired only by watching it!

  • holidaycd says:

    What’s even more impressive, try talking as much as he does while you work out. HAH. That man is a beast!

  • Tamara Laird says:

    Dr. Oz is in great shape. He didn’t stop once. He was arm and arm with Shawn. 

  • Thom Sieloff says:

    I just tried this work out. I lasted two and a half minutes before my hamstrings cramped up (and I even stretched out beforehand!)…
    Gonna do this again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that… Until I can do it everyday… Then onto Insanity!

  • Brendan Schroer says:

    Before Insanity, I weighed 226 pounds, had a 26 BMI, and was a size 40 waist. Nowadays, I’m 205 pounds, 21 BMI, and a waist size of 34. Believe me, Insanity seems like hell for the first week or two, but it’s honestly one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in years. Don’t give up, everyone!

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