School Janitor Lies on the Ground to Comfort Girl who has Autism

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An Amazing Act Of Kindness Caught On Tape : School Janitor Lies on the Ground to Comfort Girl who has Autism

A school custodian in Texas is receiving praise from around the country after a photo of her laying on the floor to comfort a student with autism was posted to Facebook.

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  • Linda Butler says:

    I love this kids great story she’s a cutie pie🤣🤣🤣

  • Trap Town HTC says:

    Lovely content! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  • Bass Town Ncs says:

    epic video

  • Trap Town SIC says:

    Awesome video,Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

  • Trap Town SIC says:

    I like! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? 🙂

  • Margaret Ramirez says:

    *I Love this we need more school workers like this*

  • Abu Huraira says:

    Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give
    But unfortunately not everyone wants to afford otherwise this world would be a nicer place to live

  • SoCAL Doll says:

    This made my day ❤️

  • Maddie W says:

    What a great vid! We need more kindness in this day and age. Anyone wants to show me some kindness let’s do a follow for follow.

  • Lisa Money says:

    *💁🏻‍♀️Imagine/John Lennon if everyone can spread Kindness 💙 this world 🌎 would be a better place!* *I had tears 😭 in my eyes 👀 watching this video especially the little boy dressed up like Superman to feed and care for stray cats 🐈 in his neighborhood!* *My ❤️ heart goes out to all the caring and kind people!* *💙Lisa*

  • p nut says:

    That’s awesome. I’m sure she’s a wonderful custodian. Quite often they are looked down upon just because of the profession. You never know how kind hearted someone like her could be to your children in school. Please share that they should never be looked down upon!

  • Kimberley Edwards says:

    I’m in tears.

  • Lily B says:

    Love this! Beautiful! ❤️

  • solo streem says:

    I wld change her going to the cafeteria because of her reaction. I wld make it so that resort is done in a quieter way. She doesnt have to go through that. Can they change that to where shes eating in her homeroom where she knows her environment and can feel less anxious about it and get freaked out. Let her go somewhere quietly so shes secure with it and not going crazy. This needs to be a change in schools. We can compromise with this. I’d be making the cafeteria where the walls r made to soak up sounds. Put sound down rooms around the school. U sound them down so they r not loud when u go inside them. Put materials in the walls where the sound isnt so terrible for them. Make it so they’re comfortable in a room filled with ppl. Make the room sound down. Just a thought for autisms. Make them feel more comfortable for god sakes. The echo can drive me nuts. And I’m normal. Put the stuff in the walls where the echo is to nilch and the room is very little sound. Theyll be ok after that. Theyll be in a room they can sit in. Comfortably. That’s what I say. Maybe I shld go have that patented. It’s my idea. I have a disabled child who doesnt have autism, but other disabilities and I say thinking of an autism childs room and what we can do to make schools safer for them. Just make the rooms they go in where the walls r sound down. It means the rooms r able to have them in there without problems of their hearing or physical problems, or they just feel comfortable in them more. And I think the cafeterias shld be the main ones with the room like that. They go in there all the time. Or the school principals office. If they have to go in there. Then they can do it with no problems in there. They can calm down. Rest if they need to. It happens. Ppl fall asleep all the time when they arent supposed to. They do to do it. Making the rooms sound down will make them easy to live in and be in. And u wont have a child on the floor like that. Make the walls pretty. Get the kids in there to paint the walls like a child’s wall. Make the kids more comfortable there. The kid sees the wall says to themselves oh this is my school. I painted that or I remember that beautiful painting in their heads their thinking. Ain’t nothing wrong with any of this. Children will do much better. Way better.

  • The Blue Faery says:

    I love the little girl and the fact that the janitor did this for her, but why is being compassionate and accommodating the needs of disabled people viewed as an act of heroism that warrants a TV interview? The fact that treating people with disabilities with dignity is such a rare and “saint like” act is part of the problem. I get so tired of seeing this inspiration porn that makes ableds and neurotypicals feel good about themselves and pat themselves on the back. Teach disability rights in middle school, integrate classrooms instead of segregating disabled students and make accommodations available to every kid so they don’t have to be stigmatized or fight so hard to have they’re needs met. Heck, it’s the parents who fight for those accommodations and the kids suffer until school staff decide they’re disabled enough to deserve them. Let her eat in the classroom instead of the noisy cafeteria. How hard is that?

  • Nanda Gounder says:

    She is so adorable and she knows love❤😍🙌🙌

  • Tania Sword says:

    Heather you cutie! So glad you have angels either side of you

  • Des X Rosy VLOGS says:


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