Sanjay Gupta Separates Facts From Fiction On Coronavirus – Part 2

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Sanjay Gupta Separates Facts From Fiction On Coronavirus – Part 2

As the virus spreads, so does misinformation.

Dr. Oz shares the latest on the coronavirus pandemic, and CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta reveals that up to 60% of America will be infected with COVID-19 within a year. Learn about Dr. Gupta’s new coronavirus podcast.

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  • kylie reeder says:

    doctor: “you have 6 minutes and 9 seconds left to live”


  • Doll Goodman says:

    Luv Dr OZ

  • Euphoric Rain says:

    Lock down or no? Your thoughts.

  • Hollins23 says:

    I’m looking toward the South Koreans now with new-found respect for their medical testing.

  • AnnInTheMitt says:

    So, our government learned nothing from the horrific 2009 H1N1 virus? Thousands of Americans died. It wasn’t that long ago.

  • Laura Renteria says:

    Its san Francisco in lockdown

  • Cristina D says:

    The virus is coming with chemtrails and wind.

  • Young Doan says:

    He used his bare hand to take the glove off after he took one off. That’s dangerous doctor

    • R G says:

      He should have started at the cuff and rolled the gloves off, not at the fingertips.

    • Melissa M Marshall says:

      R G, actually he should have grasped the middle of one glove and pulled it off with the other gloved hand, making sure to bunch it up inside his fist. While holding it there using the hand that now has no glove, should use his two fingers at the top of the cuff on the underside and pull that glove down over the other one in his fist, holding the glove with just the tip of his fingers to toss away . and dont forget wash your hands before applying your gloves and wash your hands after disposing of them.

    • D J says:

      They’re not at the hospital or a lad. They’re both doctors, they are aware, as he mentioned himself it’s not the most sterile and he’d be wearing a mask.

  • Certify Disney vacation specialist Lucy Arias says:

  • Anthony Barba says:

    Is that canned claps or a live audience?

  • barbara thompson says:


  • aboutblank says:

    I believe China did this on purpose . We squeezed their economy they just destroyed ours .

  • Barbara Hazelton says:

    Unfortunately in Italy 80 yr olds are the most infected especially as they already have health problems. Don’t agree 100% that is lack of equipment as only in part. It’s 42% of the deaths are of 80 yr olds

  • Melissa M Marshall says:

    He failed at taking of those gloves the proper way

  • Prachi says:

    Dr Sanjay Gupta ..well explained 👏

  • yayayarelis says:

    As soon as we first heard of this virus, we should have shut all boarders and stopped are travel from international flights. 😡

  • Vc Strly says:

    Not true doctors, there are a lot of people that never been outside the country and now they are sick from the virus 🦠.

  • K A says:

    Celebrities gets tested instantly. The rest of the population…is tough to get tested. That’s the tragedy.

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