Robin Williams’ Son Speaks Out About Coping With His Father’s Death

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Robin Williams' Son Speaks Out About Coping With His Father's Death

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  • Patricia the Capricorn ascendant says:

    My father lost his battle with cancer when I was a senior in high school. After he died I felt like my life had no purpose and I didn’t want to live without him at the time I told him that I would give him a stomach transplant to stop the cancer from spreading in his body I thought I could save him. Before he died I would pray that God would take me instead of him .It took me 7 years to get my life back together this is a terrible emptiness that won’t go away. I still miss him.

  • JENNY LYNN & JESSE JAMES Reactionaries says:

    He was and always be…my hero. Rip Robyn. Thank you so much for sharing your bright shining star 💫 with us. You will never be forgotten. #legend.

  • JENNY LYNN & JESSE JAMES Reactionaries says:

    God bless you Zac

  • Patricia the Capricorn ascendant says:

    Robin Williams is my favorite comedian rest in peace 🕊️🙏🏼

  • Elisabeth Lawson says:

    He looks like his father.

  • Christie Brooks says:

    My family adores Robin Williams. We miss him.

  • Bootstraps Media and communications says:

    Never gotten enough of mrs draughtfire…….n jumanji

  • Sara Cecilia Rosario Ramos says:

    Zac, Thank you. I love Robin.

  • Adam Armstrong says:

    My childhood wouldn’t have been the same without Robin Williams, He tech me to laugh smile & the meaning of sense of humour. RIP Robin Williams

  • LeonardisRock says:

    I miss Robin, the world is a lesser place without him!

  • Emjay 90s says:

    I cried my eyes out when robin died. I’m Italian but I grew up with his movies. Having struggled with mental illness for years now I remember watching his interviews about depression and he really helped me to push forward. He will always be remembered ❤

  • Michelle Barganier says:

    Yikes. His responses seem very scripted. I hope he is ok. Loved Robin ❤️

  • Tammy P Martin says:

    I truly miss Robin Williams as I grew up watching him on TV. That was a sad day when he passed away. I have severe PTSD and its very hard everyday to manage but im doing it by faith.

  • Vanessa says:

    I miss him so much 💔

  • M P says:

    I see the resemblance .Robin is missed.

  • Elizabeth Cooper says:

    Loved Robin Williams, Rest in Paradise

  • RLB says:

    This smile is inherited.

  • June howard says:

    Zac looks just like his dad! His dad would be so proud of him for learning from his struggles and conquering his own struggles! There’s no doubt that mental pain leads more people to addiction due to the stigma of mental health therapy! Mental health therapy leads to healing where addiction numbs but leads to an early death! There’s no healing in addiction its just hell!

  • Addie Rouse says:

    He was such a extremely loveable person who gave laughter to all of us. I do miss him so much and I’m hoping his life is an expression of how depression is hidden behind laughter. Please get help , please get help. Robin soar high and keep em laughing up their, thank you for your legacy.

  • Hema Leite says:

    6 years went by so fast. I miss him. My mom also committed suicide. Rip

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