Reopening America – A Risk Assessment Guide to Help You Safely Navigate the New Normal

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Reopening America – A Risk Assessment Guide to Help You Safely Navigate the New Normal

Dr. Oz shares the information you need to make your own risk assessment, and former FDA commissioner Dr. Mark McClellan gives us an inside look into the risk-benefit analysis for the phased process of reopening.

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  • jerzy kunowski says:

    Certain people need be kept accountable.

  • jerzy kunowski says:

    What about investigation concerning corona virus origin???????

  • Ed Speece says:

    Could it be that COVID-19 is conditioning our immune systems to react wildly to something the government could expose us to? For instance, we could be sensitized to some peptide that would cause anaphylaxis.

  • Druadhlus says:

    You assume we want a “new normal”. There should be a place for all the Karens to snitch and complain and one for the old normies.

  • Druadhlus says:

    Yeah … the stethoscope is a nice touch in the intro.

  • Cheryl Altschuler says:

    Thank You. I’ve been wearing a mask every time I go out for essential activities.

  • 1elk says:

    Open the damn country, enough of all the crap. Even the CDC says now that you can’t pickup the virus from services the way they thought. Move forward and stop being afraid. Control demands FEAR!

  • vmobile890 says:

    Thank you Dr. Oz you can repeatedly remind us with updated information to keep healthy . I’m comfortable with PPE for anytime in the future . Geographic location example part of California 2 new infections every few days . Other parts California 50 new infections every day and yet further away 500 and more new infections a day . UNICAST cell phone tracing shows people continue to be out more than should be . People do not not understand they delay opening for months their county by not staying at home or not wearing masks .

  • Ash Man Brown says:

    Dr, Oz you are true doctor, I really appreciate you, Dr, I’m sure you know, Hydroxychloroquine pluse Zinc, effective on the Virus, many doctors used it and have great result, without any lost of life, nearly 100000 people died in us, If they were receiving This drug, could be many of the alive today, I know the politician are dangerous people, but we need to save people life, are you brave enough to get the truth out, or you scare of them?

  • Robin Bird62 says:

    This is NOT the NEW NORMAL!
    This is a virus, like the flu… why is this so freaking difficult to understand?!
    Yes, if you are elderly or have a compromised condition like cancer, diabetes, etc. you need to take extra precautions.
    There was NO REASON to keep us all in quarantine and shut down our economy… this is more devastating than the virus itself, but no one has the courage to say it.
    I am done with all of these so called experts, they were WAY OFF!

  • Raymond Burnette says:

    I wonder now that we know flu or n1h1 is beyond far more worse than covid 19 how will the way be that we are forthose!

  • Minute Movie Reviews says:

    But other news states that surfaces are not so dangerous. Are we just making stuff up now?

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