Recovering After Losing Work Due To Coronavirus

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Recovering After Losing Work Due To Coronavirus

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  • infinatenik says:

    Their is alot worse things you can loose but your job be thankful you are alive.

  • Abu Huraira says:

    As the time is progressing
    People are more worried about
    Their work
    Their jobs
    Their shops
    Their daily wages
    Their food
    Than Corona Virus
    You have to ease lock down in a way that people could go back to their work

  • Christine Greig says:

    She makes no sense what about other that dont have a life ????? They not here ???? So they wont be able to worry the chap has things to worry he is in a delema government should be able to help him

  • anandguruji83 says:

    Recovering After Losing Work Due To Coronavirus

  • Tieia Middleton says:

    She’s the biggest crook of them all. Remember her debit card? Yeah. She doesn’t want you to.

  • Bobby Morris says:

    Unemployment is out of money.

  • Karen Miller says:

    Ask for a car loan extension. All banks are doing this now.

  • Murielle Leblanc says:

    The richest country in the world look like a 3rd world country. How come Usa is out of money, something is wrong. Maybe Trump spend too much money from USA. It cost americans a lot of money to have him play golf every weekend since he is president. He entertain a lot of his friends at the golf club. Think about it the hasdone 6 bankruptcies. Can he put USA bankruptcy.

  • Gabrielle Kelly says:

    1200 a week unemployment? Lol. Plus an extra $600 a week. What state is she talking about? Did they do any research?

  • geoff dearth says:

    Dr. Oz and Dr. Orman. Two of the world’s biggest scammers. Why do we need them?

  • Linda Kuhn says:

    For some reason its very hard to hear you.

  • Phyllis Turner says:

    Don’t Trust

  • Thang Vuong says:

    Sadly for me, this doctor has done irreparable damage to his credibility. He has let his political affiliation cloud his judgement as a physician and man of science.

  • C D says:

    I don’t like dr oz anymore he is very fake

  • አቤል Girum says:

    Dr. Oz called Suze ‘one of the top personal finance experts…’. What a joke!

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