Real Heart Attacks Survivors Share The Symptoms They Didn’t Ignore

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Real Heart Attacks Survivors Share The Symptoms They Didn't Ignore

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  • TheSunnyEdge says:

    Women’s symptoms can be so different. I’ve worked in the ER for many years and have seen so many different presentations.

  • Laurie Nelson Posner says:

    Me too!! I felt a heaviness in the center of my chest and went to the ER had a catherization they stented my LAD artery the widow maker artery, had a 99% blockage it was stented before I had the heart attack!!! Thank you

  • D C says:

    My wife went thtough this .. Mild bit scary ! Im sooo glad all these women are here.. Get anual check up Ladies ! Bless you all …

  • Kirk Tremblay says:

    How to avoid a heart attack you eat a whole food plant based diet

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